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Myths and heroes: the english heroes

Dissertation : Myths and heroes: the english heroes. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Today, in this presentation I’m going to deal with the notion of myths and heroes. First of all I would like to start by giving a definition of this notion. A myth is a popular story which tries to guide the society toward certain values, or some ideal. Usually, it is composed of unreal fact and action, often led by a Hero. A hero is a courageous person who is ready to sacrifice himself to rescue other people’s. Some heroes are famous for standing up against the devil like Batman, Superman, Captain America, East,… We call them Superheroes. Whereas, some heroes are real-life persons who were. outlaws to rebel against a given order they refused and to challenge it like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela. To deal with notion i’m going to focus on the english heroes . So we may wonder about the role of these heroes and the impact they have on the society

To answer to this question I will first talk about Mhmat Ghandi who is an indian hero then I will tackle this notion trough the example of the US president Kennedy an american hero and finally  Felicity Aniston a Great Britain hero.                                                

First of all I will talk about Mahmat Ghandi through my first document which talk about this ending here know all around the world thanks to its ideology and non violence politic. In deed, Ghhandi fought for the Indians working in south Africa and then he lead the fight to set India free from the British rule by organizing boycotts against the Britsh product and goods and British decisions such as the salt tax. therefore he was imprisoned by the British and went into hunger strikes to support his ideas an point of view. With this in mind we can clearly say that Ghandi is an Indian heroes because he didn’t surrender to the authority and inspired a lot of activities such as Martin Luther king Jr which changes not only India forever but the world in general.        

The next hero I’m going to talk about is John Fitzgerald Kennedy or JFK through the document « Kennedy’s address on Cuba ». This speech shows the leadership and heroism of Kennedy while facing the Cuban crisis because of The presence of Soviet missiles on the island gives rise to an arm-wrestling between Washington and Moscow which lasts 13 days and which makes the world afraid of a nuclear war. Then in this speech Kennedy seems as calm and try to calm down this crisis and thanks to  his personalityand courage , he avoided this war and therefore became an American national hero and represent the example of the attitude of the president in front of the crisis.

Finally, I’m going to talk about a my last part which myths and heroes in the Great Britain, through my third document « the first Briton to ski across Antartica ». This newspaper article from The Guardian talks abut Felicity Aston who became the first to manually ski solo across Antartica which make her a hero and an example for the future generations, therefore Felecity Aniston is representing the past of Great Britain full of heroic Explorers represent the travelling passion that the Great Britain is an icon of. From this we can say that a hero can be also a person who achieve omething remarkable and unbelievable in order to honor the legacy of the heroes of the past and inspire others to go for adventure.

To sum up, myths and heroes play a huge role in the English speaking world fromGhandi who influenced the world thanks to its non-violence policy, to JFK who tried to calm down the conflict between two USSR and the USA, to unknown heroes such as Felicity Aston who inspire others to go to adventure. We can say that heroes and myths are important in this English speaking world and contribute to make the world a better place ;


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