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Myths and heroes : how does everyone's action provide the world to be better ?

Dissertation : Myths and heroes : how does everyone's action provide the world to be better ?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Myths and heroes

I’m going to deal with the notion of myths and heroes. So first of all, I’m going to define these words.

A myth can be a real or fictive story and talk about important feats. It can be transmitted from generation to generation orally or with a written story. Sometimes it has a moral like the La Fontaine’s fable.

For its part, the hero can be real or fictive too but most of the time he embodies moral values like honor or generosity and on top of everything else he’s a role model.

To illustrate this notion, I’ll talk about everyday heroes which leads us to the key question : How does everyone’s action provide the world to be better?

So first I will talk about those who contribute with their job and then about the ones who contribute voluntarily.

In the first place I’m going to do the honors to some brilliant scientists who absolutely has affected the way we live and think by their work. This is the case of Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Alexander Fleming, Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein to name but a few.

But now I will focus on Sir Alexander Fleming, a physician and microbiologist who discover penicillin in 1928. And then, with the help of 2 others physicians named Howard Florey and Ernest Chain he created antibiotics. It permit to improve the health and furthermore they have all 3 received the noble price of physics in 1945.

Thanks to this discovery we are able to say that they are heroes and that the world is better thanks to them, because they saved people and are payed for. But let’s see the ones who contribute voluntarily.

At first I will relate the story of Malala Yousafzai who’s a young Pakistan girl. She has been shot in the head because of her female education activism. We study a document where we can see a photo of Malala and a quote which says “one child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world”

It shows that she took the floor to change mindsets because she wants every child boys and girls to get an education.

This voluntary work can be connected to the ones who do charity work.

To illustrate this idea I choose the movie “city of joy” by Roland Joffé.

Which relate the story of Max (played by Patrick Swayze) who’s a doctor, and who went to India in order to do charity work. He has been chocked by the poverty and the starvation and wanted to help them unconditionally.

As a conclusion, Some people save one other’s life or help them, and some others help by making motivating speeches, so we can say that all of their actions provide the world to be better.

As far as i’m concerned, it’s essential that each one of us contribute in our own way to make improve the world.

And to finish i’d like to point out these people who dedicate their life for others, because they are the real heroes


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