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Lettre à un ami en anglais

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Hi Dani !

I'm writing this email to present you, and try to convince you to do couchsurfing abroad with me. The objective of this project is to analyze the reliability of this website, from the vouching system, that you can read here : because I know that you do not trust the security of internet. You will see that people also wish to be safe while traveling via internet, also saving money, because the couchsurfing it's very cheap, unlike travels offered by others associations.

The site hosts over 300.000 members from more than 31 000 tawns and cities. Cuchsurfing is safe, the probability that there have risks is very weak, many security levels are established, as knowing the true identity of the person to whom you are dealing, comments of members who let their recommendations about their experiences, etc ...

The couchsurfing is based on volunteering, once registered, you have to find someone who corresponds to your expectations, once find, the host will receive you, and you will be his guest during the length of stay agreed.

Thanks to this system, you will not need to play Mr Tourist, because your host will make you all that you will want ! It's amazing ! Imagine, holiday weeks with a person having the same ambitions than you, It's just fantastic !

To sum up, I think it is important to discover other cultures, traditions, using the couchsurfing because it allows people with low pay to visit different parts of the world, thanks to a simple agreement with the person hosting.

Thanks to this method, we will help children in need, offering them the possibility to travel free of charge in the world, moreover, it would to open the world, to can integrate this system on all cities of the planet.

For more informations, call me on this number : 06-42-98-63-62


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