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Immigration policy in the USA today

Cours : Immigration policy in the USA today. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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N'DIAYE Madiou

Immigration policy in the USA today

With President Trump, the US immigration policy is, according to many commentators, totally new. the American administration, that of a country whose settlement has largely consisted of migratory inflows, has become hostile to immigration.

Why is the immigration policy in the United States considered Donald Trump's presidency?

punctuated by multiple tweets, some of which come to deny the words of his close collaborators, the policy of President Trump seems unclear. yet, at least in one area, the migration issue, Trump's continuity and perseverance in applying his program is remarkable and even astonishing. indeed, in democracies, voters often find that an elected president is moving away from his election promises. President Trump seems determined to implement what he announced.

indeed, on August 31, 2016, in a speech in Phoenix, Arizona, several months before the election, Donald Trump presented ten proposals for US immigration policy. their stated objectives were to reduce immigration, including through stricter enforcement of existing laws on illegal immigration. This speech was the most detailed of his campaign. the question of immigration was then one of the key points of his statements during the campaign and one of the explanatory elements of his electoral victory against Hillary Clinton.

Since his inauguration in January 2017, President Trump has been working to implement his proposals. Of course, the thunderous announcement of the construction of a "wall" along the US-Mexico border, which in reality would only be an extension of the already existing barriers, has not been realized to date. but this should not obscure the fact that Trump has made various announcements: the stricter enforcement of immigration laws allowing the detention of illegal immigrants; the cancellation of several measures that prevented the expulsion of illegal immigrants; elimination of protectionstemporary contracts for non-citizens put in place by previous administrations; a sharp reduction in refugee admissions.

and the foregoing has reduced the processing of some family immigration applications.despite the powers contained in the Congress, by the courts and by the autonomy of the municipalities, some of which refuse to apply presidential decrees, immigration, legal and illegal, has decreased significantly in the United States since the election. of Trump.


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