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Idea of progress: how does sciences compete with fiction affect our society?

Dissertation : Idea of progress: how does sciences compete with fiction affect our society?. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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I’m going to present the notion oh the idea of progress.
To begin with, I’d like to state a definition of progress. The progress provides the evolution of the society and the modernization of various sectors. The progress has revolutionized human existance. And there is the inventors who participate much at this progress, they creates something which didn’t exist before.

For our century the principal modification are the new technologies and now, we are more particulary going to be interested in the progress of the sciences in the fiction and try to answer the question : « How does sciences compete with fiction affect our society ? »

First we will see one of the grateast inventors and his inventions of the past and what he had brought to us. Secondly, we will evoke some of the most important discovery of our time. Finally we will concentrate on what the future has in store for us.
(I have chosen those documents because according to me, they  show us the differents point of veiw about the idea of progress (socially), tecnically and scientific.)

On one hand I have chosen to speak about a great inventor : Thomas Edison, after I will speak about « Internet and new technologies », and to finish « … ».

To begin i'll talk about a famous inventor of the past, Thomas Edison.
He was born in Ohio, in 1847 and when he was young he never went to school and he learned at home. At 12 y. o., he became deaf and he sold paper and candies on trains to make money.
At 20, he started to be an inventor and he invented the phonograph and improved the telegraph system.
Withouth his inventions, lights wouldn’t work, cinema wouldn’t existed and CD players wouldn’t have been developped.

Now, we can see that a lot of invention was invented for a long time and allow us to realize many thingscompared in before.
The list of all the inventions is long and there are some of them which particularly changed our life. For exemple, the computer, with internet, opened numerous possibilities. It provides to search every whatwe want.  Next, there is the mobile phone which is today, most common than home phone and which provides in principal to call your friends or familly, takes photos and videos…. But today, also make every what we can do on the computer. And in most, we can also have the fonction of the Global Positionning System which is another invention with which we can be guided where we want.


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