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Idea of progress : how does progress change societies ?

Dissertation : Idea of progress : how does progress change societies ?. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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Well, I’m going to speak about the notion Idea of Progress. To Begin, I will define the term « Progress » : it’s the development towards a better, more complete, or more modern condition. But how does progress change societies? First, I will talk about progress to national impact and then I will talk about progress to international impact. For that I will help me documents: Neil Armstrong : A quiet hero who left his mark on history, text on the WWI, Border fence, pilgrims fathers text and poney express text.

I) National:

Firstly, at the national level, progress can have a big impact, for example on communications such as the pony express, which has made it easier to connect the eastern American with the wild west more quickly than by the ocean, it was creat for to deliver packet mail.

What’s more, progress can improve the surveillance capabilities of a country or territory such as the US-Mexico border wall that aims to prevent illegal emigration to the US, but the surface is very large, the use of drone or thermal camera allows to monitor a larger area with better efficiency


Besides, progress can also have an impact on the inhabitants of a nation, such as the conquest of space, which has made it possible to put satellites into orbit, which makes it possible to have weather forecasts, GPS, internet, and more. to improve human conditons

But progress also has an international impact

        II) International:

However, progress can have international consequences as during the world wars where the improvement of the armament was a necessity for all the nations engaged in the conflicts (development of the tanks, planes jet, atomic bomb)

Furthermore, progress can allow a state to shine at the international level and increase its attractiveness, for example when the United States were the first to go to the moon, this allowed the USA to be recognized worldwide for its expertise in astronomy and for its power to have gone beyond the limits of science at the time. Having realized this feat the United States acquired a certain prestige.

Additionaly, the sharing of knowledge between different territories can allow people to progress socially as the American Indians who have benefited from the knowledge of the English FOUNDING Fathers, since when they arrived in America, they shared their knowledge and the Indians were able to discover firearms and other European inventions

To conclude, progress can have national consequences in different areas such as communication, surveillance, human conditions. But also at the international level as in the armament or the sharing of the knowledge or this makes it possible to make radiate a nation in the whole world. But what are the limits of progress?


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