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Can jokes about the disabled be funny ?

Synthèse : Can jokes about the disabled be funny ?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Can jokes about the disabled be funny ?

Titres des articles retenus (2 articles) :

- “That’s my life : How Courtney Gilmour approaches disability and comedy, and beyond” By Vanja Mutabdzija Jaksic

- “Laughing at dwarfism is the last acceptable prejudice – but don’t seek my approval for your intolerance” By Eugene Grant

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I’ve read 4 documents on the topic of the way disabilities are included in stand-up comedies and shows.

Two articles published on 2016 on The Independant (text 1) and on 2019 on (text 4), deal with the permission to joke on disability on stage and how can it be showed. While texte1 gives us a professional comedian approach of practicing self-mockery with her proper disabilities, text 4 emphasizes the importance of the free decision to be a butt of jokes or not, as a dwarf-person like the author could be.

Impact of jokes on disabled people

The two documents agree on the fact that joking on disabilities in shows can cause uncomfortable feelings for auditors or concerned people. First of all it could be an abusive or an unduly discriminatory material because of physical uniqueness like dwarfism for example. Secondly, it could express a bad knowledge, and misunderstanding such as ignorance of lived experience of disabled persons. Thus, text 4 asserts that this kind of humor go beyond entertainment and brings up the subject of their rights to allow this form of derision.

Conditions to accept humor on one’s own disability

Although rights exist and mentality have changed in terms of inclusivity and representation in the industry, like humorist Courtney Gilmour noticed, disabled person should decide of the interest of practicing joke or funny activities such as stag party with dwarf person. Furthermore, it would be advisable to humorously deal with this taboo subject. Finally, wisdom and knowledge are solutions to understand the educative approach that this form of humor could be.

As a conclusion, it appears that it is up to disabled people to consider freedom of choice to challenge or to eradicate prejudice caused with humor and comedy about disabilities. It could give them more power and value.


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