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To What Extend Can We Consider The Queens As Heroes ?

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The notion I am going to deal with is Myths and heroes. A hero, as mentioned in the Oxford dictionaries, is a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities. I would like to illustrate the term of ''hero'' through the English Queens, Elizabeth I, Victoria et Elizabeth II. To what extend these Queens are regarded as heroes?

These Queens really embody the monarchy, they are charismatic figures of the British royalty. The three Queens had the longest reigns of the British history as they were crowned when they were young adults. Queen Elizabeth I or the Virgin Queen ascends the throne, in 1558. during her reign she managed to defeat Spain, save Scotland for Protestants and to bring the Irish uprising down. She improve her country by listening to the people of England, instead of beheading or burning them. Therefore, in this era, England experienced peace and prosperity while the arts (poetry, music, theater) flourished ( Birth of Shakespeare in 1564). As for Queen Victoria's reign (1837), was a period that brought England to the status of world power, thanks to the industrial revolution. Not only did she rule England but she managed to become the Empress of India and expand her, what use to be, kingdom by installing the commonwealth, and thus became the British Empire. Moreover, despite a weaker power, Elizabeth II is admired as she managed to maintain the monarchy alive, by putting her duty before herself and opening Great Britain to Europe by joining the European community(in 1937) and installing new means of international transports (such as the Channel Tunnel, in1994). But choosing to refuse to adopt the Euro, the pound being a symbol of loyalty to her country.

To conclude, Queen Victoria and both Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II are symbolic figures of the British History, thanks to their great achievements. We can consider all three as heroes, in my opinion, since they are faithful and noble to their country and people, wanting only the greater good. Thus earning the admiration and respect of English people, while reflecting the power and glory of their country (or Empire) . They truly are a source of aspiration. Not to forget the image of powerful women in, was use to be, a man's world.


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