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Recap of a journey in Africa

TD : Recap of a journey in Africa. Recherche parmi 272 000+ dissertations

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Hello ! My name is Celina Ayo, i'm an american photograph. Last month, i visited the countries in the Horn of Africa like

Ethiopia, Somalia or Kenya.They are part of the poorest countries of the world.I was shocked by the human situation.

There is a big crisis caused by Severe drought, poor infrastructure and insecurity.

Moreover this crisis has resulted in severe malnutrition, acute hunger, and rising levels of starvation.Young children and

women are the most vulnerable. Today, over 11 million people are in need of emergency assistance in the Horn of Africa.

They need our HELP. We can not live in a world and tolerte that other people who could our brothers, our children or our

parents souffer like this. I saw entire families starved and powerless parents who can't feed their children. I saw very

precarious villages,where the diseases touched so many people,where the habitants have a constant fear caused by violence

and insecurity, where the children don't have access to a simple education.This has to stop, we need to stop pretending

like this is okay.We can all help to improve the situation.There is already a lot of association,giving even only 1$ can

help. Imagine that the 3 hundread millions of americans give each one dollar. It's hudge. Whith this money, we could

first of all treat every victims of malnutritiond and the deseases, and also vaccinate for prevention. Then improve their life

conditions so this never happen again, build water wells, schools and medical centers.

My intention is to create an association specialized in the Horn of Africa.Most of the funds will be collected from the

sale of photos taken in this area.But i definitely can't doo this without you. That's why i'm here today, to give hope to

this populations that one day this nightmare will be over, that they won't have to run away from their villages.

Thank you for your time andI hope that this made you realise that you can have am impact on this world and save many life with

little action.

Join the Horn of Africa Associasion for Hope.!


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