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To what extend did music int he 60's affect our modern world?

Discours : To what extend did music int he 60's affect our modern world?. Recherche parmi 241 000+ dissertations

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Botelho Lara

Mme. Van Meyel

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To what extend did music in the 60s change the world? Discuss.

(300 minimum)

When this assignment was first given to us, many felt the need to focus on the the specific period of time that was imposed to us, and that is the 1960´s, of course throughout the following sentences that matter will be prioritize, but I would like to make sure that whoever reads this essay, keeps in mind that music has helped changed the world, indeed, but music is still changing the world today and that, thanks to it, different ideas and opinions are forging themselves every single day to create the beautiful diversity of mindsets that this world possesses. However, to what extend can we truly say that music in the 60’s changed the world? This topic will always be debatable, but we will try to answer that question as objectively as possible using some historical facts from the 60’s.        

First of all, we must not forget that the 1960’s were a time of upheaval, not only in music but also in society, fashion, and attitudes. The sixties were years that shaped a generation, it’s the story of war, struggle for racial equality and the explosion of a counterculture where a generation rebelled and lost its innocence. The voting right act, the woman’s rights movement, the gay right’s movement, there is a 1960 in front of so many problems with are dealing with today that we started to deal with back then. Music was the animated drive for social consciousness, no matter the status, the religion or the skin colour music brought people together to fight together for what was important to them.

Nevertheless, if protests were constantly accompanied by music, could it be the source of youth violence? It is true that songs about rebellion were written, like «Born to be wild» by Steppenwolf, it is also true that during this time, kids were going completely against what their parents said. We can qualify the 60´s has an era of lots of bad behaviour and over use of drugs, but, in the middle of that music just helped, music simply pushed people to say and react how they deep down wanted to react. Music, and lyrics to be more specific only have a meaning if we choose to give them one.

To conclude, music from the 60´s has had a big influence on the way people express themselves today. It allowed people to speak out loud and denounce issues. In my opinion music can change the world because it can change people, it can help healing, breaking down barriers and borders, reconcile, but also educate. The episode of the 60’s was just one step towards a more open-minded world, but we need to keep on fighting. This War is far from over.  


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