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Notion seats and forms of power : to what extend are social media are important our society?

Fiche : Notion seats and forms of power : to what extend are social media are important our society?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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 Anglais:Seat and forms of power

I’m going to deal with the notion « seats and forms of power ». To begin with, I’d like to give a definition of the notion. Power implies a form of control on somebody or something. It is the fact one can influence a way of thinking or acting, and it generally implies a form of contestation against it. It is defined by seats, but also forms : executive, legislative, judicial, and also, press, which is considered as the « fourth power ».

so  We’re going to see to what extend are social media are important our society?

First i'll see the position of social media in our daily life and then I'll see the position of social media in scandals.

First of all, we saw last year how social media  are present in our everyday life.
Facebook and Twitter combined have more than 1.2 billon users.
If Facebook was a country, it would be the third largest, larger than the United states of America.
More than half of the human resources professionals use social networking websites to source potential candidates and more than 14 million people used social media in 2013 to find a new job.
Every minute 72 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube.
 "social media is the number one activity on the web."It is used by the younger generations and by seniors" ) Social media  is also  used very much for marketing strategies  
So we can say that social media  is truly present in our society.

Place media in scandal

 Then Colin kaepernick is an african american quarterback from san francisco team.On august 26,in  2016 during a game he refused to get up for the american anthem.
Through this gesture he denounced the police violence against the african american .
In 2016 there were 173 black people murdered by authorities in the united states.
faced with his gesture, the reactions were mixed. He was chosen for a Nike ad but in social media a boycott campaign start and nike was in top tweet with hastags like « Boycott Nike or justdont » and Some fans chose to burn down his jersey and put videos on the net. Donald trump reacted very violently he insulted colin kaepernick and all the players who knelt during the national anthem.

Now I'm going to talk about the power of demonstration

In May 1989, nearly a million Chinese, mostly young students, crowded into central Beijing to protest for greater democracy. The protests of 1989 were organised by groups of students, intellectuals .  

Many of the scenes were shown around the world (the most famous image is that showing a man standing in front of a file of tanks in the middle of the square).

Internationally, the image of the lone man in front of the tank has come to symbolize the events at Tiananmen Square in 1989 and is widely considered one of the most iconic images of all time

 Social media is important because the massacre and the photo were shared in the world.

To conclude social media are very present in our life and they are important because thanks to them we coul be informed about what happen in the world. But i think they could be also dangerous we have to be careful of what we read or of what we heard. It's important to pay attention about the sources of informations of what we heard to not be influenced


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