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The association Vision of the world

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Officialized by United Nations in 1977, the Women's day finds its origin in the fights of the workers at the beginning of the 20th century, for better working conditions and the voting right.

Traditionnally groups and associations prepare manifestations to wish victories , to improve the women’s rights.

Some countries like Senegal adopted a law who declared woman-man parity in 2010. Whatever a lot of actions still

Associations try to put some actions for women and daughters to have the same economic, political and social right like men.

I wish to speak to you about the association Vision of the world, which throws (launches) a project and which leads a work with the women, the local representatives and the religious leaders to allow the women to be protected from the violence victims of which they are, but also to have access for example to the contraception, to take a more important place in the political life by post offices of local elected representatives, and to have access to trainings to create economic activities.

It is the project which concerns approximately 50 000 people, in the South of Senegal to promote women rights.

The association is on one hand in association with the religious leaders, mobilizations and debates will be organized for the abandonment(relinquishment) of the violence against women and to the girls in Senegal, as sexual violence, ill-treatment or genital mutilations of the women.
And on the other hand the Association works with the local authorities and the organizations of the woman to train  candidates in the local elections.

And on the other hand the Association works with the local authorities and the organizations of the woman to train(form) candidates in the local elections.

Workshops for the women are also to be created so that they can learn how to manage an economic activity and to have access to grounds and financial loans.

It is the real project which brings has to call to the changes and to be able to celebrate acts of courage and determination achieved by the ordinary women who are going to play an important role in the story of their country and their community.

In my point of view, as long as the equality between men and women will not be reached, the whole world will need to celebrate the women's day, in spite of a positive balance assessment of realized progress.


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