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The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime Chap 107 Bis

Mémoire : The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime Chap 107 Bis. Recherche parmi 257 000+ dissertations

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Detective, mystery and thriller series are my favorite programms because I think they are much more interesting than the other programs. I'm not counting documentaries in other programms because documentaries are made to be interesting and for to learn many things. So they are my favorites programms because in a detective series there is always something what happens there will always pay attention to every detail as discovered in order to find the murderer and I am very good at it.

I love guessing who the murderer is before the end. I always find it. But that's normal because in the resolution of a case investigators use logic. And I'm good at logic. To be a good interviewer you should be able to analyze each clue and give a link to others. And I'm also good at it. Because the logic and thinking, this is what it takes to be good at mathematics as I am. And a math problem always has a solution. But sometimes there are problems or cases that have no solution or whose clues leads nowhere and I do not like it.

And I already said that if I couldn’t become an astronaut I want to become an investigator as Sherlock Holmes but instead of Dr. Watson I want to see Toby or anyone and I am a detective who will go on the crime scene and find a lot of clues because I am good to find clues. The only problem is that I do not like talking to people I do not know so it could be difficult for the interrogation. So I like the detective series because it makes me feel like a real detective like when I lie in the grass at night and I feel like a real astronaut when I look at the sky and stars.


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