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The Myth of Argos and Euthalia

Cours : The Myth of Argos and Euthalia. Recherche parmi 257 000+ dissertations

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The Myth of Argos and Euthalia

Here is the story of Argos, a young man born of noble family. He is the son of Asclepius, god of medicine and Chloris, goddess of the flowers. One day, in a small village called Nagada, in Egypt, the disappearance of a young girl threw her family into a panic. His father, a very famous merchant, sent a group of people to find her. Argos was immediately voluntary for this expedition. That way, he embarked upon his quest. He searched her near Amphipolis, in the Peloponnese, in Attic; he rummaged through all nooks in Greece. He even crossed the sea in order to assess Anatolia. He put his fighter through the mill to find the girl. Unfortunately, in spite of all his efforts, he never found her. Tired by the quest, he decided to withdraw from the researches. Even though he appreciated this girl, he accepted that the searches are useless. Obviously, he couldn’t return to his father empty-handed. Thus, he set up in a delightful town located in the south of Anatolia. King Nadros headed this city named Edros. Here, Nadros received Argos with open arms. He was impressed by the noble status of the young man originated from Greece. In that way, he introduced his daughter, Euthalia, to Argos. She was not unmoved from his beauty. Indeed, Argos was a handsome man, he was well built and his eyes had the color of the Iris. Enamored of him, Euthalia asked Argos to marry her. He accepted and that way, he gained a part of the realm. Sadly, the couple couldn’t have children. Argos was really anxious because he wanted an heir. Like so, he asked his grandfather, Apollon, a solution to resolve the issue. The god said: “You will have a son with a princess in few days.” Argos was reassured but he dreaded his wife’s reaction. He returned briskly to his realm but at nightfall, he was obliged to halt in a small town where he asked the king’s hosting. The latter made Argos feel welcome to his dwelling. This king had two beautiful daughters called Rhoeo and Athenaïs. Despite their twenties, they was not married. Indeed, they had known heartaches, and since they never fell in love again. However, they couldn’t resist to Argos’ beauty and they both succumbed to his charm. King Kyros was the son of Dionysos, god of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine. He had a great quantity of this beverage still unknown most of people and made the foreign drink of it. The poor Argos, who is not familiar with that, was very drunk after several glasses. Seeing him stumbling, King Kyros called his daughters and told them that they could take advantage of Argos. Both quarrelled with each other because Argos was grown, Greek and muscled. Finally, their father chose Athenaïs because she was the eldest. So she took Argos, not very lucid, in her room. It is at this moment that Euthalia was cheated on. At daybreak, when Argos opened with difficulty his eyelids, he had the disagreeable surprise to see Athenaïs, stretched out next to him. Argos immediately leaped and insulted the young girl, before flattening his hands on his skull, in the grip of an atrocious headache. Athenaïs told him that King Kyros wanted some Greek blood in the family. The young man got angry against her and decided to go back home. But before to run off, he left his belt to Athenaïs. This item will be used as a recognition signal between Argos and his son later. Then, Argos went back to Caunos. Obviously, as everything comes


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