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The Apple Of Love And The Apple Of Discorde

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The apple of love and the apple of discord

Atalanta’s father was a king; but when she was born, he had cruelly abandoned her in the forest, because he was disappointed not to have a son.

She didn’t die; she lived in the wildness until a hunter found her some years later. He took her home, teached her how to talk and act like a human.

She was so graceful in athletic games that she won all the races. Her father, the King, reclaimed her back.

But he wanted her to get married before, because a King’s daughter cannot be allowed to run unmarried.

But every suitor who dared to run with her lost his life. A young prince, Melanion, pried to Aphrodite for help him so he could win the race and marry the pretty girl. The goddess of love gave him three golden apples that he threw at Atalanta’s feet every time she overtook him. At the end, Melanion won the race and Atalanta fell in love with that smart prince.

They get married, lived happily, honored Aphrodite, but didn’t show respect to Zeus. Angry, Zeus changed them into a pair of lions and they spent the rest of their lives hunting in the woods.


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