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Television is a Poison

Étude de cas : Television is a Poison. Recherche parmi 248 000+ dissertations

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  1. “Television is  poison”. Do you agree with this statement? 

Nowadays there is a television in nearly every home. Even though television has become an essential part of some people’s lives, is it really having a negative impact on society? 

On the one hand , it’s true that television can be damaging for certain members of society. Indeed, television can have a major impact on our social life and health. For example, teenagers who stay  on the sofa glued to the screen have less communication with the outside world . Moreover, the advertising on TV can influence them to buy a lot of useless things. It’s very difficult for parents to control what kids are watching all the time without getting rid of the TV set completely. 

On the other hand, TV may be an essential form of media. It quickly informs everybody about all the events which are taking place around the world, such as the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. TV can also enable people who can’t always afford it to have access to culture.  They don’t have to pay for an expensive ticket , they can just watch a film or a football match or  visit a historical site from the comfort of their own home. Last but not least, when people are feeling depressed or lonely, a TV programme might be able to cheer them up. 

So to conclude, watching too much TV does have certain drawbacks but it can be an entertaining, informative and educational form of media. It’s certainly not a poison if people are discerning about what and how much TV they watch.  


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