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Spaces and exchanges : What impact do global cities have on people’s everyday lives ?

Synthèse : Spaces and exchanges : What impact do global cities have on people’s everyday lives ?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Spaces and exchanges : oral BAC

New forms of influence, new spaces such as global cities, and new modes of exchanges are emerging,redefining our conceptions of space. Cities can be considered global if they have a significant impact on the world around them. For instance they can be politicaly or culturally influencial or they may attract businesses from near and far. Global cities are not a completely new phenomene. And these urban concentrations create both opportunities and problems.

What impact do global cities have on people’s everyday lives ? First of all we are going to see the positive impact of global cities and finally the drawbacks of global cities


At first, the positive aspects of a global city are numerous. The inhabitants have access to a lot of services. Indeed, the strong economic developments that know the global cities allow these cities to invest in diverse infrastructures. These urban concentrations are ideal espaces of financial and economic exchanges. Also the access to culture is another major positive aspect of the global cities. A lot of foreigners come all over the world to work or to study enriching them with new languages and cultures. Especially in Sydney in Australia where the cultural diversity is huge : « 40 pourcent of the people who live in Sydney today were born outside of Australia » , (and 200 languages are spoken. Diversity is a good thing that we find a lot in cities worlds. It allows you to know different cultures than your own: cooking, dancing, singing, living habits. We can illustre that with the flag ceremony who students paraded in their traditional clothes, danced and sang , it’s a perfect snapchot of the multiculturalism in Australia.

In global cities, there are also new types of housing such in many major cities bcs the shortage of housing is obvious, not to mention the exorbitant rental prices. Faced with this situation, some cities, led by New York, or Japan are developing a range of micro-apartments. it is a good idea for students, active young people and elderly people who find themselves alone and want to be in big cities, close to transport networks. Also, we found houseboats in London. Houseboats are more affordable than traditionnal accomadations.

But in addition new housing offers, ease of transport, and multucultularism. global cities also have negative impacts.Dense population have caused overcrowding,trafic congestion and pollution like In 1952, the Great Smog which took place in London, during the Christmas shopping season, where 12.000 people died and others were taken in hospitals. It is the drawbacks of big cities. So we can say that in the past global cities like London was affected by the pollution and especially the smog land in bejing in China.

global cities also mark a big problem. For example, India is a country that is evolving greatly. But in the video that shows Mumbai: or there is a very large shopping center and just opposite a shanty town that live in extreme poverty. Their homes are made with trash. While the Mumbai City has developed, inequalities remain far too important. I question its status of global cities, it brings me back to ask me what is development? IS it having new shopping centers or getting the population out of poverty

But do not stay pessimistic, any problem can have its solution . for example


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