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Spaces and exchanges : What impact do global cities have on people’s everyday lives?

Discours : Spaces and exchanges : What impact do global cities have on people’s everyday lives?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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This notion deals with the geographical and symbolic areas that all societies occupy and the interaction between men and different societies. Our world is built on the exploration and conquest of new spaces and there are different cultures, economic and language.

A global city is a city with a lot of animation and people, it’s a city where the country’s economic influences politics and culture.

To talk about the problematic, we can say : What impact do global cities have on people’s everyday lives?

  1. Diversity and Exchange

Here we talk about multiculturalism. And M it’s an idea where all ethnicities, religions and culture are just like mosaic, just together without any different between different people. In fact in global cities there is an immense diversity which encourages different form of exchange of culture a language. It creates tolerance and cultural wealth open-mindedness.      Then we saw different documents which show Singapore is powerful country, so like global cities. Singapore and multiculturalism show the difference between melting pot and multiculturalism, melting pot is culture, religion ect which adapt to the country while multiculturalism is adopt in country. So when there is multiculturalism there is diversity and exchange.

  1. Positive and Negative impact of Global City

Global cities can have positive and negative impact on people and exchanges.

To talk about the inconvenient there are 2 types of pollutions, like noise pollution or air pollution, it due to overcrowding, which create an unemployment and it affect different jobs. So people hasn’t got jobs are poor, and they have so many people who are in this situation and to survive they live in slum or in the street.

To talk about advantage, living in a global city can offer quality education for children, a large diversity of culture and language. We can learn more things living in a city than living in a small town. Then Singapore is an attractive country, with activities and it attract tourist, so there is more culture.

The document Global cities, show the urban development, which there are job opportunities and this is result in global cities but urban development create overcrowding, slums pollution, pollution like in the second document, the greatest smog.


  1. Finally, we talk about the future of global cities, I found this document on the internet. This document shows how we can improve the global cities because we said earlier that there is pollution ect…

In fact we can improve the quality of life if we use adequate transport, like bus or velib like in Toulouse. It taking advantage of the positive aspect and reducing the negative aspect. For example of advantage: improving the environment.

To conclude, we can say the global cities have a positive impact and negative impact. For positive impact we have the mix of different culture and for negative impact we have for example the pollution and overcrowding.


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