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Oral d'Anglais sur le film 12 Years a Slave

Dissertation : Oral d'Anglais sur le film 12 Years a Slave. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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Solomon Northup is free black man of New York during Years nine fifty. He makes his life as a carpenter and fiddler. He lives with his wife and his two children and he was approached by two artists using his services and they get him drunk. He finds himself removed and sold like a slave. His man free life is a distant memory which is replaced by lashes, humiliations, and work in plantations of sugar cane and cotton during twelves long years in Louisiana.

“Twelve years a slave” is not an easy movie to watch; it is about hatred which contaminates every plan without ever expressing itself totally, with sequences of torture.

This movie is real chock. It scenes grab the throat as soon as the film starts and do not leave you. Here slavery is shown in the raw. Quickly we suffer for Solomon.

The rain lashes, the wounds bleed the humiliations are linked, and the tears pour. Every suffering endured by Solomon is more intolerable as the last one.

When we are in front of the movie, we figure that Solomon isn't the only victim slave of barbarism, of cowardice, and the madness by the rich proprietary of South of United States, but he became the symbol of every atrocities presents by the past make by the man on man in the name of an ideology, of a religion or of a power.

There are in “12 years a slave” scenes of an unbearable violence, and this is from the beginning to the end.

But the harder scene of this movie, for me, it's that opposing to a white foreman who wanted kills him, Solomon is left hung to a rope, just with a gap being enough with the ground so that, on tiptoe, in the mud, he does not die at once. At the beginning, Solomon occupies the only centre of attention, where he struggles At the unbearable price of the skipping about, then in the background, we see appearing little by little the other slaves who attend to their activities just like that, by taking good care to have no look towards the one who became the slave Platt. At a time we see the children to play and to laugh as to underline better that of such scene was of a big commonness at that time. Only a young slave at a moment come him bring some water.

Every issues of the movie are content in this scene that it is about the cruelty by the white men considering the black men like has perishable have the properties, or the passivity of people submitted to the worst man's exploitation of man

The first master of Solomon, William Ford, turns out to be humanism. But we repeatedly see him lacking courage when it is necessary to oppose the worst cruelties of the excesses of whites which surround him. The second is the horrible Epps; he is extremely raping and madman attracted by his better slave “Patsey”. Besides the physical violence, Solomon suffered the worst humiliations made by Epps. What kind of torture for Solomon to be forced of whip Pastey, because of the jealousy of Epps wife.

In the end, Solomon is free and returns in this family, and then he fights so those slavers pay their crimes, but without result.

For conclude it is a best movies of slavery, it is must representative of the reality of this period, I choose this because it’s a beautiful movie despite the violence moral or physical it’s a sad reality


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