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Negociation, why do we negociate ?

Dissertation : Negociation, why do we negociate ?. Recherche parmi 254 000+ dissertations

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Why we negotiate? Because we want to exchange things, create economy:

- Routine exchanges  don’t need specific negotiation, they’re common

- Negotiated exchanges

Negotiation variables:

- PRICE  the most often cited

- Discounts and allowances

- Delivery date

- Quality

- Order timing and frequency

Negotiated exchanges:

 To resolve conflict, divide resources, or resolve an issue

 Involves presentation of demands or proposals by one party

 Evaluation of these by the other one

 Making of concessions or counter-proposals by both parties

3 parts of a negotiation:

- Pre-negotiation planning

- Negotiation

- Post-negotiation strategy

Pre-negotiation planning through 7 stages:

Setting objectives:

- State your maximum position

- Below minimum position is a “walk away”

Making concessions:

- Bargaining chips can include:

o Product volume

o Quality

o Features

- Identify “not negotiable items”

Selecting the team:

 According to:

o Particular skills needed

o Personality

o Organizational constraints

o Overall negotiation strategy

o Agreement of other party on team size


- Careful planning

- Associated by basics arrangements:

o Timing, venue, lighting, air-cooler…

o Control of these can be crucial

- Examples:

o Stonewalling

o “Take it or leave it”

o Playing hardball

o Salami

o Lack of authority

o Good cop, bad cop

o Recessing

Setting the limits:

 When will you stop asking for more?

 BATNA: Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement

 Negotiation stance:

o Win-win

o Win-lose

o Lose-lose


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