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Myths and heroes

 Hero : an hero is a person who admire for his qualities. He is generaly courageous, strong and brave.

Myth : a myth is a popular person. A myth may be real or unreal

Intro : I will introduce you the notion “myth and heroes”. In the first time I will give the definition of the notion. I chose to talk about superheroes. In the first part I will explain the role of superheroes in society and a second part I will explain why superheroes continue to live

  1. The role of the superheroes in society.

In the siciety there are many form of superheroes. There are superheroes like superman and captain america who have a superpower. These superheroes save the world the wicked and risk their lifes. They are model for the young people because they are a big imagination and they would like to identify their favorites heroes.  These superheroes have costumes with the symbol of the american power. Captain america have a shield with the American flag and its coat of the same color as the American flag. The other type of hero is a reel heroes like mandela because it’s a icone for his country. Mandela  don't have a superpower but it's considered like a hero because he fight against the institutional political system of racial segregation and he went to jail because he has convictions against racism. Mandela became the president of the south africa and passed laws against racism.

  1. Superheroes continue to live still today

The superheroes are known all over the world through various trading products. The heroes were created by thousand nine hundred forty marvel. Today we can see the superheroes in bands drawn, cartoon, films and may even see shaped played.  Marvel realised new movies with Captain America , Superman and other. There are also lounge like Comic-con reserved for superheroes as we have seen in San Diego where fans come in their thousands.


To conclude, superheroes have  part still important in your society. They symbolize something special because they are icon heroes can become a myth and ordianaire of people can be heroes for actions that saved people but they will be recognized as heroes but as some point


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