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Myths and Heroes : the american dream

Discours : Myths and Heroes : the american dream. Recherche parmi 296 000+ dissertations

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INTRO: Good morning my name is Guassen, and today I’m going to talk about the notion of myths and heroes. First of all, what’s a hero, a hero can be a superhero as a character in comics with super powers or it can be a normal person as our parents or firefighters who risk their lives for ours. Now what’s a myth? a myth can be a Greek history about gods, or it can be a country myth as English myths like the myth of the architect or the American dream. So, we will see here if the American dream who attract and make dream a lot of people through the world is a myth or a reality. Firstly, we’re going to prove that the American dream is still alive however we’ll see in our second part that is a delusion for the minorities.

I-The American dream is still alive

1)What’s the American dream? the American dream is a dream of liberty and justice for all, equal opportunities and the pursuit of happiness. A belief in economics opportunities and attachment to individualism. The American dream is based on the on the declaration of independence.

The American dream is still alive, we can prove it with the example of Ozzy Osbourne, his parents works as toolmaker and car components, and he was a brother of five siblings, he was dyslexic, so he wasn’t good at school, then he looked for extra activities like music. He quit school at 15 and became a toolmaker, a plumber, and works in a car factory. He does jail because he couldn’t pay his fines (burglary cloths store). He became the singer of a local band and many of people recognize his talent and he finally created his band, one of the biggest ROCK band in the world Black Sabbath.

There is a legal immigration with the green card lottery allowing 55.000 winners/year to come in the US and live the US dream, it’s open to many countries but not to Mexican’s because the immigration is too massive

2)Therefore, there is the illegal immigration, we can take two examples seen in class, first one, we can take the example of Junior a 17 years old boy living in Texas (Anthony) with his older sister, he describes his life, Anthony is boring but peaceful. In 2010 his dad was deported (caught doing something he wasn’t supposed do) his mother moved with his father in cause of his little sister. His parents give him the opportunity he chooses to stay but it’s hard time when he misses his family. If their parents brought them in the US, it was for a better education so the US dream. At school he feels more American (cause English) but deep down he is not. He’s one of the million students undocumented in the US permitted to stay only to be educated.

The second example is, that of Alejandro Perez, seen in class, he was invited by Bill Conoly for an interview of his program “New Horizons”, he says that even if the immigration was Italian, African, Irish, German or Mexican is the same history, they came or they come for the American dream.  But it’s a burning theme. So, Alejandro explain why he let his family and his homeland to come in the US, he say’s that he comes from the Mexican suburban, and he perceived only 600 pesos the equivalent of 70$ consequently he couldn’t provide his family. Now in the US he won 8 to 10 more, for Alejandro the US dream is still alive and there’s millions of people who try to reach it for a better life, because in Mexico the poverty and the unemployment remain. He affirms that there are millions of jobs for unqualified people and the 2000 km barrier separating their countries are a giant magnet of possibilities. All the peoples that immigrate they are trying to goal a better life and trying just to live better.


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