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Lieux et formes de pouvoirs: How fear can be considered as a mean of power over people ?

Fiche : Lieux et formes de pouvoirs: How fear can be considered as a mean of power over people ?. Recherche parmi 240 000+ dissertations

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Lieu et forme de pouvoir
In Many places there are many ways to exercise power. But the idea of scaring people to control their behavior is interesting because through centuries fear was used as a form of power to divide people from a society. The Inquisition, which was the cause of death of hundreds of women accused of witchcraft. Which has most certainly were innocent see, mentally deranged. But at that time, everything was a pretext for the stake.
Question :
How fear can be considered as a mean of power over people ?

1) Salem
Everything began with the arrival of Reverend Samuel Parris, his wife, his niece, Abigail Williams, his daughter Elizabeth in 1692. Both girls loved the company of Tituba. But unbeknownst to her master, she pointed magic tricks. Unable to keep an important secret, the two revealed the teenage girl in the village.

But in the eyes of the Puritans, divination was strictly prohibited. It is then associated with the forces of the Devil. Elizabeth Health Abigaïde the state and began to drift. At first they had crying spells for no reason, could not pray and when their father scolded them, they murmured incomprehensible words or (emetaient) sounds like beasts. Later, more serious symptoms appeared: they had convulsions, paralysis attacks, they suffocated, running on all fours, barking and saw visions.

We tried many times to question about who and tormented them for other owned were added to the list of victims. Other tormented as the accused but there were two other witches: Sarah Good and Sarah Osborne. The two ladies already had a bad reputation then the charges against them agravèrent further their case.

Transition :
150 to 300 other girls were accused so people of the village, accused their neighbours or their family to save their lives. Everybody was afraid by these accusations. The fear of been accused push people to accused their own.  Thereby, a wave of paranoia spread all over Salem and people started to accuse everyone even the most influent and rich people of the village.

2) Mc Cartysm
During the 50’s mccarthyism also called the red scare, spread all around the USA in order to fight against communism considered a big threat for America whose ideals were freedom liberalism and democracy. American were totally overwhelmed with terror the same way they were during the which hunt in Salem, but once again, they only created a wave of paranoi for no absolute reason since communism never entered in America.
We consider th maccarthysm the modern which hunt of the 50’s I’ts joe maccarthy who established this anticommunism doctrine he was an alcoholic man who pretended to be a war hero and claimed that they were communist in the state departement so he raised suspicion.

American society got divided because no one could trust anyone. Besides, the fear when it becomes irrational can lead people to do stupid and foolish things.

To conclude, i think that in times of conflict and threat for our society, the members of our society should continue to live their life. In this way we show to the threat that even in the darkest times we stay untied despite the numerous threats


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