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To What Extent Can Someone Be Considered As A Hero/ An Heroine

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To what extent can someone be considered as a hero/ an heroine ?


Heroes exist for several years. A hero is not a model for everybody, we have our own heroes, it can be our parent’s, someone of your family or, of course a high figure in the world. Each one are sometimes criticized. Some people might think that the heroes I will present you in a second are not real heroes to their eyes. And it’s natural everybody has his opinion.

"....myths originally aimed at explaining the origins of humanity....thus they deliver a universal message about the human condition....New myths or new heroes, either real or imaginary characters.

To what extent can somebody be considered as a hero. How does he/she influence society?

1/ Real people who helped others, fought for a good cause:

- JFK was assassinated while he was waving the crowd in the motorcade. It might have been FBI-Mafia-Castro-Oswald who was the main suspect. He claimed he was a patsy.

- (Gandhi, Rosa PARKS, Ruby Bridges, Mandela) or firefighters in the USA during the 09/11 events.

2/ Movie stars

- Marylin,, beautfull women. A great figurre for the weemens in USA.

- James Dean was an excellent actor and great driver he was fascinated by speed and death. Unfortunatly he died at the wheel of his porschia speedster.

- or any icon: Jay LENO, Madonna, Mickael Jackson, …) who rely on their image and become role models , who make people dream , who inspire others, who influence trends and fashion. with American Dream and rags-to-riches stories .

3/ your hero


Role models dominate our time. Society is based on founding myths, a collective identity, shared values. Society depends on heroic men and creates role models .... .

Mention other types of heroes, myths and legends . They will be a perfect introduction for the second part of the exam....


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