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Idea of progress : To what extent the economic growth made able the social changes in India ?

Fiche : Idea of progress : To what extent the economic growth made able the social changes in India ?. Recherche parmi 296 000+ dissertations

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To what extent the economic growth made able the social changes in India ?

The idea of progress refers to the social and economical changes that took place over centuries. However, the idea of progress, by it’s definition doesn’t refer only to today and how changes made the society and the economy but on how hard and how ruff it has been.

India is the perfect country to talk about progress. But to what extent the economic growth made able the social changes ?

Few years ago India was considered a poor and undeveloped country. Indeed, the economy of this country was based on small farms and handmade factories. The society was really attached to their traditions and they have now evolved. But to what consequences ? So first we will see that India is a thriving country thanks to those changes but we will see the consequences of those changes.

I- India a thriving country

  • The economic growth :
  • increased of 7.5% in few years
  • farms are giving way to factories
  • Indian company developing by buying foreign companies
  • India is now training the highest number of engineers
  • creation of huge cities : Bangalore, Cyberabad, Hyderabad
  • Their economy has evolved, they can count on tourism that is growing and on huge companies    
  • The social changes :
  • They ended a lot of traditions such as women who couldn’t study
  • they get educated
  • thx to microcredits they are now able to create their own companies
  • they are breadwinners
  • the abolition of the caste system
  • the indian dream
  • close way of life with the americans

II- The consequences

  • The pollution
  • This development is mostly happening in the cities
  • their is a lot of pollution in those cities
  • Shanty towns are developing around the cities creating more and more pollution
  • the slums are full of garbage
  • The streets are dirty
  • poor people are using scooters that are huge polluter
  • The imbalanced development between cities and the countryside
  • they don’t have the same access to the education for the girls
  • the microcredits are not used by the women as well as they should
  • they aren't taught to do so
  • the caste system is still present in the countryside
  • they don’t see the indian dream in the countryside

To conclude, the economic growth allowed the government to open it self to the world and abolished the traditions. Thanks to that the women are now able to work and that is a huge step for India. But there is limits to this avolution because it doesn’t extend to the all country but only to cities. For me this country was still a poor country and women couldn’t work at all. Moreover, the women couldn’t get married with who they wanted. But i guess the country has changed a lot in the past few years and it’s now a thriving country in the world. But once again those changes are only a question of government so a question of power.


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