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Idea of progress: How have consumers' habits evolved through times?

Dissertation : Idea of progress: How have consumers' habits evolved through times?. Recherche parmi 296 000+ dissertations

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Idea of progress

Firstly, I will introduce the notion of progress. Progress is it improvment trought the time in medical, economical, political, social fields and contribute to advancement at the global level. It can be a good power but also can cause an harmful effects which create a new cult, a religion and way of living: consumerism. This phenommenon was born out the addiction and overconsumption that are a refuge for society despite the social crisis. To fight againt this disaster, there are antidote which permit to limit these dramatical consequences, and make a good gesture for the planet. How have consumers' habits evolved through times? At the beginning, I will present our way of consuming nowadays. Next, the consequences of the excess made by consumers and finally alternative buying and methods.

At first, we saw that several ways are possible to make purchases nowadays. Shopping centers such as Wal-Mart in America are a source of a blooming economy. Offering a wide selection of shops, any consumer can find the item of their choice and their tastes. This concept allows sellers to increase revenue by attracting all types of customers. For this, attractive prices are put forward. These malls encourage the population to make purchases and often frequent these places. In addition, an online shopping method has appeared in recent years. It consists in offering a huge choice of products to the consumer at a distance from his place of residence without moving and receiving his package at time. This is a real competition that takes place between some retailers. This daily action creates false needs that we did not have before, as Derakhshani says, in '' The American Cult of Consumerism '' and will engender an unfavorable behavior among consumers in order to always spend more,to show off more and more.

Then, we saw that the events organized in these malls such as the "Black Friday" after Thanksgiving or the "Mega Monday" as well as advertising campaigns show the importance of consumerism as well as over-spending. Before the holidays, goods and services are sold at crazy prices to attract a maximum of buyers, and this process presents a real danger. In front of the rack of the shop, the buyers are in the air, ready for the best deals. This rivalry between them can create many human disasters until death. These behaviors are explained by the pressure of society as well as the economic meltdown. Consumerism at the heart of this excess, is perceived as a way of life, ''a cult, a religion'' provoking irrational desires to find a way to freedom. The disease that often affects most people is Shopaholism, it's being out of control and makes people stingy with money and make compulsive purchases. Despite this gesture, one is never satiated and always more greedier knowing that money can't give happiness, it can be sword. As Will Rogers would say, '' Too many people spend money, they don't have to impress people they do not like ''. This quote describes the core of consumerism. In wanting to reflect a false image of oneself one wants to integrate into the high society, one only goes into debt and follows a path that isn't theirs.

Finally we've seen that there are ways such as collaborative consumption, freeganism or bartering that can counter these


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