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Etude de cas Coca Cola

Étude de cas : Etude de cas Coca Cola. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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Coca cola American culture

American culture is an influential culture almost everywhere in the world because it promotes the values ​​of freedom and personal responsibility.

Coca-Cola and its advertising campaigns have had a significant impact on American culture. It is a strong symbol of the United States in the world since the end of World War II.

Indeed, it was at this time he will be known worldwide. Every American soldier, where he is receiving his bottle. His design became famous and brand conquers the world. By buying Coca-Cola, buying a few American dream, because it is all America is behind that name!

American culture, the American Way of Life (mode de vie à l'américaine), was developed in the twentieth century in other countries with the English language, media and product standardization. It has also expanded rapidly due to globalization.

Many American productions are consumed every day on every continent, among them of course the Coca-Cola but also chewing gum, popcorn, fast food, jeans and television series.

Coca-Cola is a symbol of a global culture: whether you are Chinese, Russian, Brazilian, European or American, it is part of the consumer. This drink brand has played a major role in the Americanization and Coca-Cola used advertising slogans enhancing the image of the United States.

Today, Coca-Cola continues its advertising campaigns in the world and is more young people.


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