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Commentary about the press and the media

Étude de cas : Commentary about the press and the media. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Commentary on the 3rd document

about the press and the Media

Mia Carter interviewed David Zucchino, an embedded journalist who works for the LA Times.

In this interview, the journalist talks about his experience in Iraq, where he got to be on the war zone.

He mentioned that living conditions were really bad; it was hard to find drinkable water and he had to eat MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) and sleep rough for instance. Plus, he did not have access to the internet so he could not know what was happening meanwhile on the other countries; he was cut off everything and could not send or check the news. He was always attached to the Army; interviews had to be checked by the military. Even though he did not depend on a public affairs person, he sometimes had to rely on canned statements from the Army. Plus, being an embedded journalist is not that easy. In fact, journalists have to be objective while writing their articles. They need to move fast with all the materials; Zucchino lost his laptop and his phone on a car crash, which means that journalists have to be aware of what could happen.

But despite all the drawbacks of it, David Zucchino loved being an embedded journalist. David said that he was able to witness first hand the events, since he was on the line of fire; he could interview soldiers, write articles and take unprecedented images. However, he could only interview US soldiers since he did not make any contact with Iraqi soldiers. He also got to follow the army; his best memory was when he went with the military went to Bagdad's Sadaam Republican Palace and found eight millions dollars.

He was unencumbered to sign the assignment for an embedded journalist; he  has actually been one a dozen times already and it seems he is not ready to wrap it up. He stated the positive testimony that though you risk life and limb, it is worth the risk.

Link words to express paradox/concession:

  • but, however, nevertheless, nonetheless
  • despite (+noun), in spite of (+noun)
  • even though, although, even if, though


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