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Duration: 2 hours

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1 - Compte rendu en français dso mots)

Il - Essay-writing

  1. Why do people use social media on a regular basis? (100 ords)
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of social networks, from a professional viewpoint (100 words)

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Social Media at Worfc The New Normal        :

An increasing percentage of employees are logging in to Fa<:ebook, lwitter and other social media networks during the workday, a<:c:ording to a new study

from the Pew Resean:h Center.

But it's not ail for persona! reasons; many workers are using social media on the

job for work related purposes.

The two most popular reasons employees use social media at work are not related to  their jobs. Of the  employees  who use social media  in the offi<:e,

34 percent do so to take a mental break from their job, and 27 percent use it

to connect with family and friends.

Other reasons workers are signing in to social networks are much rnou11t-hl        ! to their job. The study found that 24 percent of the employees who ha-A·_i1i!t , t ·: social media at work have done so to make or support professional w 1111p>:S,: tions, and 20 percent use it to get information that selves problems at Wtotk Overall, 34 percent of the empfoyees surveyed use social media for wrn · . related purposes.

Sorne of the other popular reasons employees use social media at wc,tk ind ud,-, the following: to learn more about workers, to build persona! relatiom; hip'.: · with colleagues and to ask people outside their organizations work-reli1h>ti questions.

Using social nétworks to leam more about co-workers does come with a dow ri, side, however. Social media can lower their professional opinion of a co llea g u(:, . The résear<:h also found that 9 percent of employees use a social media tool : that's provided by their employer.

Work.ers say there are many positives to using social media in the office. For i exampfe, employees who log on to a social network for work.-related purposes ' believe it is a useful tool for networlcing or flnding new job opportunities or for 1 staying in tou<:h with others in their industry.

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Fifty-six percent of the employees surveyed who use social media for wortc:­ related purposes think doing so distracts them from the assignment and projects they need to do. Organizations are recognizing how popular social media is becoming in the workplace, and thus are developing polides surroun­ ding its use. More than half of the employees surveyed said their employer has a policy about social media use at work.[pic 14]


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