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Article from the Guardian

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This document is an article taken from The Guardian, a British daily newspaper, with a left of

centre political stance. The article was published on Sunday 8 of December 2013.

This article deals with healthy habits and dementia.

The general idea of this article is that people should prioritize their health by forming good

and healthy habits. In this case, the Mediterranean diet is highlighted as being well balanced

and nutritious. This diet is rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, fish and oil, specifically

olive oil. Fish and olive oil are what we call “good fat”. They’re actually very rich in Omega

3 which is beneficial for our brain health. We understand why the Mediterranean diet would

fit like a glove in the battle against neurodegenerative diseases.

According to health secretary Jeremy Hunt these diseases are spreading at a fast pace. Also

the diagnosis process can be quite tricky when dealing with these maladies.

In fact the author underlines the fact that healthy food is very important in the prevention of

many diseases. A healthy diet, in this case the Mediterranean one, is an excellent strategy

against mental maladies, but also against many other diseases concerning the cardiovascular

system, circulatory system, reproductive system, and so on. We should not rely on the sole

support of medical drugs, which are not natural and can have many side effects.

In my opinion food is very important. It doesn’t not only fuel one’s body but it can also help

prevent some diseases. As far as I am concerned I think the best way for a healthy and

disease free life is actually combining healthy food habits with an active lifestyle, be it a slow

walk or even weight lifting.


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