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American dream

Étude de cas : American dream. Recherche parmi 258 000+ dissertations

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Introduction :

Hello today i will present you the notion of Myth and Heroes.

Myth and heroes, myth is a story that may or not be true, there are no actual proof that myth is true.

Myth are different for each culture. They may have started as a "true story". It also include our history our religions.

And Heroes a person who is admired for their courage , outstanding achievements , someone that we respect and we want as our role model i will talk about the american dream

is the american dream a reality ?

I - the making of an immigrant

- doc 1

in this documents we have 6 images

 those images show us the making of an immigrant and his journey to an another country

the 1st image show us a man and probably his wife

the man has his suitcase ready he is probably leaving

in the second image is happening in a harbor its a dock with a lot of people that are ready to travel or to leave their country to have a better life.

In the 3rd image we see a good looking man that is well dress with his suit case and seems lost and look around him.

in the 4 th image we see a factory that seems to do chain work its linked with the fordism everyone is standing and working it seems rough and hard.

in the 5th image we see a man in a dark room looking at a picture he is probably sad and think about his wife that he left to get a better life

in the 6th image we see that he is writting a letter probably to his wife and he is planning on sending money to her

with that we can see that the american dream seems to be a myth

II - American dream from within

the document is a picture that show us U.S citizen that are from louisville during the period of the dust bowl with the flood and stuff  people are in line with their suitcase they probably have to move to another city  we can see a picture behind them with a family of white people that seem rich they have a dog a car and everyone seems happy  there is this sentence "there's no way like the american dream" and also "world's highest standard of living" that show us the contrast between those  2 things it seems to be a lie.

once again that document show us that the american dream is a myth and for a few people it can be a reality

III- amd nowadays

[pic 1]

in my document that i choosed for the amd nowadays

we can see that there is a bridge with stairs that is making us climb to the american dream but there a too many peoples so the idge start to break itself and show us that the idea of the american dream is exhausted and also  that the more people that get to the american dream the less it will get to the amd in the future

conclusion can see that the amd is not a reality for everyone and it is a myth for most of the ppl so i can say that the amd trough the time is being a myth since the time is passing


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