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42/5000 Achetons-nous des choses dont nous n'avons pas besoin? Pourquoi? (document en anglais)

Dissertation : 42/5000 Achetons-nous des choses dont nous n'avons pas besoin? Pourquoi? (document en anglais). Recherche parmi 265 000+ dissertations

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In our society people tend to buy everything and everywhere. Is that true that we

buy things that don’t need? And why? I think we buy objects to show what kind of

people we are. Indeed, in my opinion, people shop to show to everyone else their value. However, shopping is also a consequence of our society who tents us everywhere we go. Finally, money is often used as a power because humans are often greedy so we have to prove that we can have what other have but even better.

In our world the appearance is becoming more and more important and the shopping is one way to show everyone our appearance and our value. For example, I had a friend who put all her money in clothes or in the latest fashion. One day, I had an occasion to go on a trip to Paris with one of my friends, so I asked her if she wanted to come. She answered me that she did not have enough money but if she had she would have come. One week later, she came to school with the latest new fashion jeans that cost more than one hundred euros and approximately the plane tickets to go to Paris. She preferred to spend money in clothes than to go on a trip. Indeed, people like to spend money on things that are not essential to our daily life. It procures a good feeling; we can feel special and even better than the others by simply buying expensive and useless things. Unfortunately, it does not last; consequently, people tend to buy more every times so they can feel good again.

Moreover, our society is pushing us to buy constantly. Commercials develop

every day for some new ways to get us to buy the thing they want. For instance, it is now possible to buy things online anytime we want. Indeed, people who work all day long or people who are unable to go shopping can actually buy clothes, books, DVD’s and many other articles without moving form their home or their work. Everybody can go on a computer and order some new things. It is very easy and very effective. Although we are not obliged to go in store to spend money, people still like to go in malls. The reason is that sellers know how to make people come and spend money. Indeed, they use sales, Black Friday, or some very interesting packages, such as, buy one get one free. In our society there are many ways to spend money and sellers and producers are aware of them. Therefore, Sharon Zukin says: “They [market researchers] ask us not only what we buy, but also about our dogs and cats, spouses, parents, religious attendance, and what we keep in our bathroom cabinets.”

Therefore, society is always coming up with new things; for instance, ten years ago the first cell phone came out. Since then every brand of cell phones like version, and AT&T came out with new cell phone with more power, with more space to stock images, videos, and music. When the first cell phone came out, we could only call and write instant messages. Now, with the generation of smart phones we are able to surf on Internet, check our mail, play many games and even communicate with someone from another country than ours. Thus, after the new cell phone came out it often offers some accessories or some new package which can cost sometimes more than the cell phone itself. People love to have a better cell phone or others things than their neighbors


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