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Etude de cas Palm Sunday (document anglais)

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-Yesterday was Palm Sunday and it was the first one for Pope Francis since he became the head of the Roman Catholic Church. You can see him taking part on the Palm Sunday service inVatican city. For Christians, Palm Sunday is the start of Holy week which concludes next Sunday on Easter.

-The other religious observance starts tonight its the first night of Passover, a jewish holiday that celebrates when the Israelites escaped from slavery in Egypt.

-Eight states were under a winter storm yesterday. The national Weather service predited six to ten inches of snow from Missouri all the way to Ohio. There was a World cup in Colorado on Friday and you don't see soccer played in this kind of weather.

-A worldwide event that was just lights out. Paris, London, lights out on landmarks all around the globe. When it hit 8:30 local time people flipped the swtich to go dark for 60 min. = To raise awareness about climate change, millions of people in more than 15 countries got involved in this.

-Last month a meteor exploded in the sky over Russia. Asteroids are big enough to cause serious damage if they hit the Earth. But it would cost billions of dollars to actually prevent a potential catastrophe. If there is a bigger asteroid than the one of Russia, it could wipe out a city. The rules are : 1) Don't blow it up because it would spread out into a whole buch of much smaller asteroids and might hit a whole lot more area. 2) All you have to do is slightly change the direction of the asteroid in its fight and he will go far away from the Earth in the vastness of space.

-From Corbin, "When I see people say they hate school, it really makes me think how fortunate I am to be able to get such a great education."

Engracia says, "Whenever I'm frustrated and think I can't learn any longer, I think of Malala and others like her. That makes me work even harder."

-Melissa was part of the U.S. Army and one day ten minutes into the ride,there was a big explosion ad she lost her legs. But she always dreamed to go into Olympics as a gymnast when she was younger, and now it's almost like If she had a second chance.In 2008, she became the first Iraq war veteran to be chosen for the U.S. Paralympic team. Now, Melissa is helping others through a triathlon club that she co-founded two years ago

-Here in Atlanta, there is a part of town called the Beltline. They might want to change its name to the Feline, because these little kitty is quickly becoming the area's most popular attraction. A cat named Piper, go figure. She even has her own Facebook page and Twitter account. All that attention can be a real drain. There are probably some days when she just wants everyone to pipe down.


-Economic problem in the island nation of Cyprus. Solution : The country will get a bailout worth 10 billion euros but Cyprus has to do some things in order to get that help such as cutting the country's banking industry in half.

The euro zone made up of 17 countries that all use the euro. These nations are very interconnected and that's why a problem in one can easy ripple to cause problems in another. That's the worry of stock market because the global economy is all interconnected too.


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