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Convincing Speech on The Lord of The Rings movies

Discours : Convincing Speech on The Lord of The Rings movies. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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Earnslaw Burn’s valley of waterfalls, Mavora’s grandiose walkways and Arcadia Station’s spectacular mountainous scenery. The rocky valley of the Lonelands, Pelorus River’s emerald waters and not forgetting the magnificent village of Hobbiton, where everything starts. These are some of the fantastical landscapes we can marvel at when watching the cinematographic adaptation of the adventures of hobbits, dwarves, and elves.

We have been presented with the – sometimes quite harsh – opinion that the Hobbit films are a disgrace to the cinema industry because they were apparently only made for money and don’t live up to the quality of The Lord of the Rings…

I could give you tons of reasons why these films are great and worthwhile, starting with the absolute pleasure of seeing such peculiar, interesting, and humorous creatures on screen. How could I not mention Peter Jackson’s pure talent in portraying the battle between good and evil forces through original sound effects, efficient lighting and smart camera angles, shots and movements. Another three excellent reasons are the following: Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen, and Benedict Cumberbatch as our dear Smaug the dragon.

Finally, it’s Middle Earth after all… so, out of respect for the entire filming crew, from the creative team to the gaffers or the often not credited interns, and eventually the huge community of fans supporting them, I am asking you to not spread hatred. I am asking you to not spread hatred in vain. I am asking you to not spread hatred when you have the luck to enjoy freedom of speech and the chance to formulate constructive criticisms. Do not yield to this turbulent fire. Do not yield to this rotten apple.

I have at heart to remind you that hobbits are first and foremost the children of the 20th century author J. R. R. Tolkien and that, even though the films are a separate work of art, they still shine a light on him and the novel that started his career. I thus invite you to follow his advice (because after all he is the most likely to know) and to live like hobbits, who “love peace and quiet and a good tilled earth”.


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