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Lord Of The Ring

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Implement the best-selling and most successful in terms of JRR Tolkien's novel The Lord of the Rings happened in the collective imagination. From being a cult in the 60s, it is now a myth. And adapting a myth to a movie is a myth of the challenge. Challenge is working with Peter Jackson Millennium dusk, surrounded by a veritable armada, an army of costumers, makeup artists, designers, machinists, architects, actors dozens, producers etc ...

All this huge technical team then undertakes a journey that will last several years, and bear three films exceptional blend of reverent homage to the Master and great show. Everything is there, the great moments where gigantic armies clash on mythical places (Pelennor Fields, Helm's Deep), the phantasmagoric creatures (Ents, Wargs, Balrog), legendary heroes (Aragorn, Gandalf), senior centers of Middle Earth (Minas Tirith, Rivendell, Barad-Dur), but Tolkien humor, his love of people and small outdoor life.

Before going into details let us film a bit on the casting.

Basically, little errors of taste have been made, the choice of actors is almost perfect. Of course, some are far from being able to reach their full potential, but it is their role to their talent. For example, Legolas and Gimli are true vases admittedly, but we had to cut somewhere. Aragorn, Gandalf, elves and humans are very successful, and the servants of Sauron can not rest.

A real problem, however, hobbits. And especially Frodo. In my opinion this is real bad choice of casting. Not that I have anything against Elijah Wood, I like staying in, but it does not fit at all to the role. The hobbit mature, intelligent and wise, thoughtful and melancholy Tolkien, Jackson and Wood made it a whiny teenager and fearful.

The dark side of the book Frodo is present from the beginning of the story, the power of the Ring is felt very quickly and most importantly, he keeps with him for fifteen years, a long ellipse which explains its slow transformation. In the film there is no mention of this long period, at most it happens one or two months between the departure of Bilbo and Gandalf's return.

A disappointing first choice, but ultimately, it is not much in terms of the quality of all the other choices made by the trio of screenwriters, Philipa Boyens, Fran Walsh and Peter Jackson. Only a few spots remain, as we will discuss in detail.


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