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  • L'Orientalisme d'Edward Said (document en anglais)

    L'Orientalisme d'Edward Said (document en anglais)

    Mehdi October 13h, 2012 Edward Said’s Orientalism The theory of power that I chose to focus on is Edward Said’s Orientalism. This paper will define Orientalism and discuss its roots and its usefulness to Orientalists as a tool of power and domination. It will also provide a description of American Orientalism, and show how it is different from European Orientalism. This paper will then analyze the importance of Orientalism as a theory, and compare it

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  • Biographie de Freud (document en anglais)

    Biographie de Freud (document en anglais)

    Fraud is defined to be "an intentional perversion of truth" or a "false misrepresentation of a matter of fact" which induces another person to "part with some valuable thing belonging to him or to surrender a legal right." In addition to the traditional criminal definition of fraud, there are many regulatory laws that have very specific rules that must be complied with. If you do not follow these rules to the letter, you could be

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  • Chocolate Market : Exposé (document en anglais)

    Chocolate Market : Exposé (document en anglais)

    Introduction Chocolate has been known as product since the seventeenth century. In the beginning, it was a lux product, because of its price and also because of the fact that it was rare on the market. Since the industrial revolution, during the nineteenth century, chocolate consumption is increasing and chocolate will take different forms. Until then craft, the first mechanical factories appear which makes production and distribution more intense, making the product available to everyone.

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  • Anglais: étude de l'entreprise Apple

    Anglais: étude de l'entreprise Apple

    Apple is a multinational company which produces high technologies products , for exemple , the very famous Iphone was created by Apple. With a turnover of 108 billions of $ , Apple is the first company in the informatics product , before Microsoft. Apple was created by Steve Job , 35 years ago , and employed 60400 workers all over the world in 362 Apple Store distributed in 12 countries. Apple is considered as the

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  • Devoir D'anglais

    Devoir D'anglais

    Bendhiaf Lhaoues Middle School Wednesday, November 14th, 2012 Level: 2nd year Teachers: Bouzidi / Bousseta. Module: English Timing: 1 hour. The Second English Test Text: Baya Mahieddine was born in 1931 in Bordj El Kiffan. She lived with her grandparents because her father and mother died when she was 5. She started painting very early. She exhibited her first painting in Paris in 1947. She died in 1998. Questions: Part one - Reading Comprehension: •

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  • La place des technologies dans nos vies - texte en anglais

    La place des technologies dans nos vies - texte en anglais

    Sur Maths-Forum depuis: novembre 2007 Localisation: Finistère, BRETAGNE Messages: 145 Question correction texte 200 mots en anglais Bonjour pourriez-vous m'aider à corriger d'éventuelles fautes s'il vous plaît ? Merci Nowadays the technology takes a big place in our daily. So, can we live without technology ? To answer this question we are going to say why we can live without and why we can’t. On the one hand it’s true that world won’t die without

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  • Act Like A Lady, THINK LIKE A Man (agis comme une femme, pense comme un homme) (document en anglais).

    Act Like A Lady, THINK LIKE A Man (agis comme une femme, pense comme un homme) (document en anglais).

    I E VERYTHING YO U NEED TO KNO W ABO UT MEN AND RELATIO NS HIPS IS RIG HT HERE ’ve made a living for more than twenty years making people laugh—about themselves, about each other, about family, and friends, and, most certainly, about love, sex, and rela- tionships. My humor is always rooted in truth and full of wisdom—the kind that comes from living, watching, learning, and knowing. I’m told my jokes strike chords

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  • Immunology report - synthèse en anglais

    Immunology report - synthèse en anglais

    IMMUNOLOGY REPORT NUCLEAR FACTOR KAPPA B(NF-KB) PRESENTED TO DR. LAMA FAWAZ BY FATIMA MAHDI MALAK TAHA MELISSA HARMOUCHE Table of Contents NUCLEAR FACTOR KAPPA B(NF-KB) 1 DEFINITION OF NF-KB: 3 ACTIVATION OF NF-KB: 4 Signals induced by NF-KB: 8 1) pro-inflammatory cytokines: 8 a) Interleukin-1 (alpha, beta): 8 b) Interleukin-6: 10 c) TNF-α: Tumor necrosis factor α: 13 2) apoptosis regulators : Bcl-2 15 3) Interleukin -8: 15 REFERENCES 17 DEFINITION OF NF-KB: NF-κB (Nuclear

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  • Rédaction Anglais

    Rédaction Anglais

    A Flexible Wage System, A flexible wage system presents many benefits, Free action, stock option, bonus, efficiency bonus are becoming more frequent in many companies. This type of remuneration can increase employee motivation, that’s why this system has previously been used for commercials, but since 5 years many companies have chosen to extend this compensation to executives and then to all employees, thus greatly increasing their productivities Indeed the remuneration being made on achieving the

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  • Dialogue Anglais

    Dialogue Anglais

    GRIVOT HONORIN 2nde4 AY EMRE ENGLISH Subject: As a French student who wants to improve his\her English. I get intoed with a tourist Agency either in New-York or in Ottawa to ask for information about the city I have chosen. E –Hello I am Emre Aye, the French student who you must host. H –Hello Emre! How are you? E –Very well and what about you? H –Very well too! When do you arrive at

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  • Temps Des Verbes En Anglais

    Temps Des Verbes En Anglais

    Temps des verbes ANGLAIS 1) Present simple : ● Action qui se déroule fréquemment (avec never, seldom, occasionnally, often, sometimes, usually and always) ● Vérité toujours vrai ● Horaire, programme 2) Present continuous : ● Qui se passe mnt (now, at the moment, at present, today, this week) ● Futur planifié 3) Present Perfect : ● actions / événements passées non fixés dans le temps (recently, just, lately) ● Actions qui ont un résultat dans

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  • Description rapide de l'Anglettere (document en anglais)

    Description rapide de l'Anglettere (document en anglais)

    ENGLAND Economy: England is one of the leading economies in the world. Is Gross Domestic Product per capita is of £22 907 (28 129€) which is average for the United Kingdom. For example if we look at Wales, we can see that there average GDP per capita is of £18 377 (22 566€) and again for Northern Ireland it is of £24 635 (30 251€). If you wonder how much is France GDP per capita,

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  • Les bienfaits des voyages - écrit en anglais

    Les bienfaits des voyages - écrit en anglais

    Traveling is a way to escape from the daily life. We can meet others cultures, civilizations … if we don't like the way of life we know that we come back home. But sometimes, we have just to leave our country and move in a other nation. With some luck, we can fit in the country quickly and just learn again who to live in this new society. Conversely, the country cannot correspond with us,

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  • Analyse du Sénégal (document en anglais)

    Analyse du Sénégal (document en anglais)

    1. Introduction and background Senegal has about 12.4 million inhabitants of whom 42 percent live in urban areas and the population growth rate is 2.6 percent. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is produced by four main sectors of the economy as follows: - agriculture (19.8%); industry (23.5%); manufacturing (16.5%), and services (56.8 %), with respectively 1.9 %, 4.0%, 2.2%, and 5.4% growth rates as estimated by World Bank (2008). The Statistics department of Senegal has

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  • L'Empire Coloniale Anglais

    L'Empire Coloniale Anglais

    Devoir d'histoire L'empire colonial anglais est, à la fin du XIX° et au début du XX° siècle, le plus étendu et le plus puissant des empires coloniaux, il est à son apogée. Comment les anglais ont-ils bâti un empire aussi vaste et aussi puissant ? L'empire colonial anglais est un "géant" géographique et démographique. Il s'étend sur plus de trente millions de kilomètres carrés et sa population approche les 500 millions d'habitants, soit un quart

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  • Biographie de Gandhi (document en anglais)

    Biographie de Gandhi (document en anglais)

    Born on October 2, 1869, in Porbandar, India, Mohandas Gandhi studyed law and came to aggravate for Indian rights both at home and in South Africa. He became a leader of India's independence movement, organizing boycotts against British institutions in peaceful forms of civil disobience. He was given the holy name Mahatmas. He was killed by a hindou fanatic in 1948. Personal information: An important experience in his life is his fight in India. Back

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  • Principes de base des obligations (document en anglais)

    Principes de base des obligations (document en anglais)

    Bond Basics: Introduction The first thing that comes to most people's minds when they think of investing is the stock market. After all, stocks are exciting. The swings in the market are scrutinized in the newspapers and even covered by local evening newscasts. Stories of investors gaining great wealth in the stock market are common. Bonds, on the other hand, don't have the same sex appeal. The lingo seems arcane and confusing to the average

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  • Lettre commerciale en anglais

    Lettre commerciale en anglais

    Dear Mr first of all I would like to thank you very much for your interest in our product and business idea. With this e-mail I would like to underline that we are in the phase of the development of some new markets, with a specific organization and we are not still ready to establish our operations in your country. Furthermore, our main goal is to increase every day the quality of our gelato and

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  • Idir: A Berber Singer Activist (synthèse en anglais)

    Idir: A Berber Singer Activist (synthèse en anglais)

    Jad Harradi SOC 1301 Idir: A Berber singer activist. `Txilek elli yi n taburt a vava invba / ccencen tizebgatin im a yelli ghriba" ("Please, father Inouba, open the door / Oh Ghriba girl, jingle your bracelets"). This refrain from a Kabyle song, "A Vava Inouva" rang out around the world in the mid-1970s. Only 10 million Berbers scattered over the Sahara and North Africa, could understand the lyrics, but the song became an international

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  • Guilhem IX, le premier troubadour (document en anglais)

    Guilhem IX, le premier troubadour (document en anglais)

    Guilhem IX: the First Troubadour Guilhem IX is known as the first troubadour, being credited with the first recorded lyrics. The lyrics of the poems attributed to him suggest that he was quite a character, and with the wealth of documented evidence of Guilhem his is clearly identifiable as a historical political figure. The volume of information available on Guilhem IX makes him an invaluable resource for understanding not only his time, but the tradition

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  • Intercultural Management en Belgique ( étude en anglais)

    Intercultural Management en Belgique ( étude en anglais)

    Intercultural Management - Belgium Being a Manager in Belgium The business set up in Belgium is hierarchical. Cross cultural management is more likely to succeed if you understand the Belgians are formal and courteous. They adhere to established rules of protocol for most situations and expect others to do the same. They respect corporate hierarchy and those who have attained a senior-level position. Since they are a private people, they do not readily mix their

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  • Corpus de trois apologues qui abordent le thème de la justice

    Corpus de trois apologues qui abordent le thème de la justice

    lCe corpus nous propose trois apologues, écrits à différentes époques. Que se soit « Le Prud’homme qui sauva son compère » écrit au XIIIème siècle, la fable « L’Huître et les Plaideurs » de Jean de la Fontaine écrit au XVIIème siècle ou Zadig de Voltaire écrit au XVIIIème, tous ont pour but de faire passer un message tout en distrayant le lecteur. Pour cela, ils entrent dans l’objet d’étude sur l’argumentation. Ces trois textes

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  • Les tours jumelles (document en anglais)

    Les tours jumelles (document en anglais)

    At the time of the Twins Towers’s attack, many people were showed themselves by their couage. Indeed, when planes hit the Waltstreet Center, heroes are entered in The Story. When we speak of the attack of the 11/9, we think at once that the heroes are firemen and policemen, most certainly but, I think passengers of the two planes are also heroes. These men and women who have undersstood that they went died are admirable.

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  • Traduction Texte Anglais

    Traduction Texte Anglais

    the civil war des impôts réduits en raison des cultures de rente qui ont été largement impossible de cultiver dans le nord, comme le tabac, le coton et la canne à sucr Quelqu'un a déclaré le nombre de femmes soldats connus du service peu moins de quatre cents. Je ne peux pas garantir l'exactitude de cette estimation, mais je suis convaincu qu'un grand nombre de femmes se sont déguisés et s'est enrôlé dans le service,

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  • Le groupe BMW (document en anglais)

    Le groupe BMW (document en anglais)

    BMW 1. What was BMW’s status in the market in 1986? • Its unit sales was 96,000 cars in the US which was 6.8% market share in the luxury/performance segment in the US. (The segment of luxury cars has about 1.4 millions of retail sales in the United States.) • Its worldwide unit sales were growing. • Mercedes was its main competitors while its Japanese competitors haven’t entered the US market yet. Who was buying

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