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As a French student who wants to improve his\her English. I get intoed with a tourist Agency either in New-York or in Ottawa to ask for information about the city I have chosen.

E –Hello I am Emre Aye, the French student who you must host.

H –Hello Emre! How are you?

E –Very well and what about you?

H –Very well too! When do you arrive at Ottawa?

E –The 3rd of July at 9 o’clock pm, besides could you pick me up at the airport please?

H –Yes, of course! Do you want other informations?

E –Yes, if you don’t mind.

H –No, of course.

E –In Ottawa, the spoken language is English isn’t it?

H –Yes, but two languages are spoken in Ottawa because it is situated at the meeting point between English - Speaking Ontario and French - speaking Quebec, therefore, it is a bilingual federation…Do you see what I mean ?

E –Yes, of course, no problem! And is it warm there?

H –Yes, in summer, the temperature can reach 35°C!

E –Excuse me, did you say that the temperature can reach 35°C?!

H –Yes! Is it a surprise for you?

E –Yes! I didn’t know it was that hot.

Do you have a swimming pool pock in order to freshen up?

H –Yes, of course! In summer, we go to the swimming pool very often.

E –What activities can we do in Ottawa?

H –In Ottawa, there lots of outdoors activities, it’s possible to swim, to go canoeing on lakes, to play volleyball on the beaches, etc.

E –Where is Ottawa exactly situated?

H –Ottawa lies in northeast North America, in the Province of Ontario, in Canada. It’s bordered by the Ottawa. River to the North, while the historic Rideau River and Rideau Canal meander north to south through the city. Directly across the Ottawa River are the city of Gatineau and the picturesque Outaouais region in the Province of Quebec!

E –Oh then may be lots of tourists there!

H –Yes, there are

E –And what can I visit in Ottawa?

H –Oh, you can visit many galleries and museums, like the National Gallery of Canada, the Canadian Museum of Civilization, etc. And a lot of Capital Sites and Canadian Heritage like the Parliament of Canada!



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