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CIC, la Grand Combe en anglais

Rapport de stage : CIC, la Grand Combe en anglais. Recherche parmi 241 000+ dissertations

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Quoi ? Présentoir téléphoniques de la vitrine à refaire, pas adéquate avec le décor de l’agence

Vitrine pas attrayante alors que l’agence CIC est la seul qui propose de la téléphonie à la Grand combe

Qui ? Notre cible est les clients ou les clients potentiels qui passent devant l’agence

Où ? Il s’agit de la grande vitrine de l’agence qui se situe en face de la rue Pasteur, qui est la rue principal de la grand combe mais aussi là où se concentre le plus de passage.

Quand ?

Currently I’m student in hight level technician management of business units at the high school Jacques Prévert to Ales. During my training period and to validate certain skills. We have 16 weeks of internships to be realized in a company.

I have to realize my internship in the CIC in LA GRAND COMBE.

We had the choice our internship in bank or in store.

I chose the banking environment because I have already made the internships in mass-market retailing and I did not appreciate.

I worked every day of 8:30 am at 5:45 pm with one hour of break at 12:30 am, from Monday to Friday and Saturday till 12:30 am.

During my period of training I had different tasks that I will quote you below.

Basically, as a trainee, I learned how to Use their site, Handle checks, Answer in phone, Make an appointment with the customers, Prepare and send the mail.

To give you better a daily image of my missions I am going to detail you a typical day.

I arrive at the agency has 8:30 am, I open the space welcome, I verify the mail, dispatched the mail in the concerned advisor.

I consult my e-mails and my day spots. I consult my e-mails and my day spots.

I receive the new cards and new checkbooks to be put back to the customer.

I activate the e-mail of information to warn them that cards are in the agency.

I reception the customers and handle their requests, often they are deliveries of cards and checkbook, me the helps assistants in automatic machine.

First week of internship I was a lot to help by advisers and of the branch manager. Today I manage to be autonomous I am alone has the reception and advisers are in rdv. When I need help for a particular complaint I can ask them in writing by means of a network which allows to have a dialogue between working colleagues " LYNK ".

During my period of training we have to realize missions which confirms certain skills for the tests of the end of year. I have then with my manager to fix my mission and my project of internship.

I have for mission to organize a meeting new customers, a meeting patrimonial, to correct the NPAI (customer database missing documentary evidences).

Handle the non-working population of the customers.

Create a shop phone within the agency.

Make a market study on the phone consumer habits of the


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