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Marketing Apple English Value Creation And Oriented Firms

Mémoire : Marketing Apple English Value Creation And Oriented Firms. Recherche parmi 236 000+ dissertations

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Value creation and Marketing oriented firms

When you enter an Apple store the first thought that crosses your mind is ‘’Think different’’. You are blown away by this different kind of marketing approach. No wonders how Apple has just been elected this year again the “most valuable company in the world” by the (Mooreman 2012).

In thirty- five years Apple has revolutionized the digital world. The brand has combined technological innovation, marketing, design and utility.

In this short essay we will explain how Apple is a highly performing company due to its value driven organization, where the customer is the key factor. Also we will see trough Apple’s example how trying to be a market oriented firm has led Apple to be ‘’the greatest marketer and leader on the market.” as said in the article.

According to Boyle (2008) we can describe a’’ valued base marketing by a concentration in 6 points: strategic objectives and focus, customer target, marketing mix and core strategy”. Also, the market-oriented culture can be described as everyone in the organization understanding their role in delivering the organization’s value proposition.

In the article the author points out that Apple focuses on its customers’ needs and wants, by developing the product and ameliorates it each year, like the iPhone. They have reduced their offer to simplify at best for the customers. They also say that “Generating customer value means building a business model that ensures this value is created repeatedly.”

They create value with their product, their image, service mostly.

From C.H Noble & M.Kumar graph (2010) we can see that the design value involved three parts, first the rational value with the quality and performance and aesthetic compatibility. Then, the kinesthetic value and, finally the emotional value holistic (temporality, style), then differentiating (personality) and design appeal.

Thus they create value by delivering a high standard image. Their products are expensive, design, ‘’non-conformist”: they want you make feel different, better than everybody else having other unimaginative computer brands. They play with your emotional side.

Therefore the capital point in Apple’s product are their products’ image, they allied performance and design. The products have to be fashion, limited, neat. For the customer if you own this product you are valorized.

The advertising is always clean and sober usually with a black or white background and the product is in the center, it speaks for itself. The brand reputation is delivered in the media: we see Apple‘s product as higher value because of the design the image of the company.

Apple did a genius move by launching iPod before iPhone by creating “planned obsolescence ‘’. Everybody needed an iPod, soon the iPhone was perceived as the ‘it’ phone, ‘’therefore it is compelling customers to engage in repeat purchase, which serves the long term purpose of the company. (Tariq& Ishart & Khan 2010 p 160).

Apple make the customers buys they products over and over again by ameliorating them quickly even though it’s not perfect. Launching news products to captivate and get addicted the customers, they always want more.

Their stores reflect their strategy; they have a higher service value and only selling Apple’s product, contributed to its “brand moat”. Once you enter in the store, the sales assistant are friendly and try to do the best to help and satisfied you. The author of the article points out “The result: the highest retail sales per square foot among U.S.


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