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The danger of robots

TD : The danger of robots. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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To begin with a robot is a mechatronical device doing tasks which are dangerous, repetitive or impossible for humans. Robots are a complex assembly of mechanical and electronical parts. We’re going to present you domestic robots. A domestic robot is a robot used to do household chores. The first domestic robot to be sold was “Aibo” and it was built by Sony in 1999. Today the most sold robot is a vacuum robot, the “Roomba” with more than 3 million copies.

First we’re going to present you the “roomba” a vacuum robot. This robot can vacuum rooms without humans. It can avoid obstacle thanks to its set of basic sensors. It is independent, it can vacuum many hours with its battery and go back to its charging station by itself. It is very handy but it has some drawbacks, it’s noisy and it needs human help to empty he dust. In conclusion this robot is very handy for who can’t do household chores like vacuuming but it is noisy.

Another example the “lawnmower 230acx” robot built by Husqvarna. It is like the vacuum robot it uses a set of basic sensors to avoid obstacles. It can mow a lawn of 3000 square metres limited by a special cable which is detected by the robot. It can mow when it’s raining and it can mow sloping grounds. It is very discreet (only 68 dB). It has an autonomy of 3 hours and goes back to its charging station by itself. Other models exist, they’re equipped with solar panels. In conclusion this robot is very efficient.

Finally were going to present you the humanoid domestic robot “Wakamaru” built by Mitsubishi. It can help old people, it can call the emergency services with its cell phone. It can hold a conversation with people thanks to the 10.000 words saved in its memory. It can recognize its master thanks to the vocal system. It is very handy but there is a problem its price, it cost 12.000€.

In conclusion domestics robots are very handy for people like old people or they’re handy to do repetitive tasks.


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