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The Neuberger Museum of Art

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- The 10/12/2014 we interviewed David Bogosian, the Director of Facilities and Chief Preparator. His email is

- The Neuberger Museum of Art is a tax-exempt non-for-profit organization. Purpose: The Neuberger Museum of Art offers education programs which introduce visitors to American art of the 20th century, traditional African art and contemporary art through visitor-centered experiences.

- Presenter: Performing arts presenting organizations facilitate exchanges between artists and audiences through creative, educational, and performance opportunities. The work that these artists perform is produced outside of the presenting organization. Performing arts presenters are typically found in three varieties: Those attached to a college, university, or other educational institution, with performances usually taking place on campus.

- Educator: because one of it purposes is to teach people about the art of the USA and Africa.

Neuberger Museum of Art is located in Purchase, New York, US. It is affiliated with Purchase College, part of the State University of New York system. It is the nation's tenth largest university museum. Neuberger offers exhibitions, films, lectures, and events. It showcases a variety of artists, including 20th-century masters, midcareer and emerging artists. Founded in 1974 with a donation of 108 pieces from Roy Neuberger, the permanent collection has grown to over 6000 works.

When the Governor Nelson Rockefeller conceived of Purchase College as the arts flagship of SUNY, he approached financier and renowned collector Roy R.Neuberger to donate his collection to a new teaching Museum that would bear his name.

Now the core of the Museum's holdings, his gift contains examples from the primary movements that shaped modern art. It is his collecting philosophy--collecting the art of his time--that guides the Neuberger's commitment to showcasing the art of our time.

Designed by the preeminent architectural firm of Philip Johnson/John Burgee, the Neuberger Museum of Art is 79,000 square feet and includes nearly 30,000 square feet of gallery space, exterior sculpture courts, a Museum café and Museum store.

Mission Statement: the mission of the museum is to engage and inspire diverse audiences by the study, understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of artistic, academic and professional excellence, the Neuberger facilitates the production of new art, collects and preserves art in its growing collections, and presents and interprets the art in its permanent collection and changing exhibitions


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