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The National Culture Of France

Dissertation : The National Culture Of France. Recherche parmi 265 000+ dissertations

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Key features of French culture

a) The daily life of French

The French food and wine are famous around the world. The cooking has a big place in French life, a lot of important events happen around a meal for example signing a contract or like for the family parties. In France, each event is an excuse to meet around a table! The secret recipes from Grandmother and the knowledge of wine are transmitted from generation to generation depending on the region.

Secondly, the family who is a foundation of the french culture. For the French, seeing their families is very important since it build a durable relationship with them. Sunday is the day of the family. In France for the majority of people the family comes before friends.

b) The history

Then France has an important past thanks to wars, revolutions, but also for all monuments of great men left with us. For example General De Gaulle, Napoleon, Louis XIV(…).

These great men built the power and the greatness of the French institutions

General De Gaulle instituted the women’s suffrage, Napoleon who created the civil code and Louis XIV for his monarchic absolutism and Versailles. The French provide a big importance for their historic and cultural heritages.

c) The Catholicism

Finally, Catholicism is preached in France during the century imposing its moral and principles, while we are bequeathed its architectural heritage, like the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, convents, monasteries. France has many cultural sites..

The changes of French culture

a) The liberalization of the French

Gradually French women acquired a change in a social status, from that of a simple housewife to that rank of a working woman. Currently women are equal to the men although there is still discrimination against women.

The mentalities of the French evolved in particular concerning the previously taboo subjects such as sex. For example since 1971 the gay prides have appeared in France.

In the mind of French, sex has become a popular subject. For example now it is possible to speak about that with the family or it has become normal to buy condoms at the supermarket.

There have also been changes in fashion, the liberation of the customs and the rules imposed in the society. For example before our grandparents went to school in uniform, while today the gothics or the skateboarders come together in the yard of the school.

b) The multicultural aspect of France

France has become a multicultural country because it has moved from a colonial state at the late 1960s to a post colonial state after Algeria regained its independence.

c) The religion

The Catholic religion remains mainly present in France today however it has had a big change in the customs there since the 1970s. Nowadays people go less and less to church, the Catholic schools are disappearing little by little as well as the practice of the catechism.


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