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How to make an eco-friendly road?

Fiche : How to make an eco-friendly road?. Recherche parmi 241 000+ dissertations

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Environmental pollution is a major problem in the whole world. Roads actually are essential lifelines of a country, providing connectivity and access to goods and services but they also are a source of pollution. In fact road development can affect terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. It affects the wildlife habitat, soils as a result of erosion and hydrological alterations. Other consequences of roads construction are deforestation, destruction, leaching of chemicals, pollution, loose of biodiversity...

Whatever we can reduce this potential environment impacts through many solutions and measures that need to be taken to reduce this impacts and protect biodiversity and ecosystem function.

For example, using innovative products and processes can improve road quality. This involves using alternative materials and processes, using high-performance and value-added products, minimizing the use of natural resources, minimizing waste, recycling, reusing, and optimizing economic resources.

Further more, it exists currently practices such as using warm mixed asphalt* rather than traditional asphalt mixes, the construction of drainage structures, green highways, then we can also build viaducts, bridges in sensitive areas. Set up traffic speed control, limitations on night traffic and special measures in protected areas, use bio-road markers, use polymeric mortars or use Bio-products.

A group of environmental engineers suggests use solar panels instead of concrete and asphalt road pavements. This road will be able to collect sun rays and produce electricity, that why his construction and maintenance self-sustainable are even profitable. It is made with resin, in fact we "encapsulate" polycrystalline silicon cells that equip most photovoltaic panels. And it is also polymeric resins witch are utilized. Polymeric resin is a liquid per-accelerated that, when mixed with a liquid called "catalyst", undergoes a chemical reaction which activate a process called "polymerization". It means, in simple words, it becomes a polymer, as if it were plastic.

Finally this "solutions" are just a few among hundreds and hundreds and the combination of all these methods could created more eco-friendly and better roads in the future. Everything is possible we have just to move to have a better world without pollution and limiting global warming.

*Warm Mix Asphalt: This technology consists of adding additives such as polyvinyl resin, powder synthetic zeolite, or a liquid amine-based compound. It leads a better performance of pavements. Some studies have showed considerable reductions: 30% in energy consumption, 25% in particulate material released to the atmosphere.

*Leaching :Extraction of soluble components with a solvent

*Polymers: Substance composed of molecules characterized by the repetition, a large number of times, of one or more atoms or groups of atoms.

Biopolymers: polymers witch are derived from biomass (amidon or cellulose)


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