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How nike turns controversy into dollars

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“How Nike turns controversy into dollars”

1/ Watch the video and take notes.

2/ Present the document in one sentence (source, subject…)

This document is a video produced by the channel CNB about how Nike publicly takes position on social issues to increase its income.

3/Give the reasons why Colin Kaepernick protested. Explain what he said to the


Kaepernick protested opression and police brutality.He tells the media he's going to continue to stand with the people that are being oppressed.

4/ What was the reaction of the president of the US?

Trump said "get that [slur] out of the field right now".

5/ What are the consequences of Colin’s action on his career?

After he opted out of his contract and became a free, he hasn't been signed by an other team and thus claimed that the NFL was colluted against him to ruin his career.

6/ What has he been doing since?

He has been working as an activist.

7/ True or false: He donated over one million dollars to charity.


6/ People started to boycott Nike, what happened to Nike’s shares (actions) the next

day of the release of the ad on twitter?

People started boycotting the brand, and its shares dropped roughly 3.2%.

7/ What happened in July 1988?

 Nike released their first "Just Do It" campaign, taking a stand on ageism.

8/ Did Nike’s sales (ventes) increase after this? Justify.

Yes, their revenue increased from about 800 millions to 1.2 billions

9/ What happened in June 2012?

Nike makes a "Voices" campaign and celebrates gender equality, and their revenue increased of 3.2 billions over the previous year.

10/ Explain in your own words the strategy of Nike to transform controversy into


Nike produces many campaigns that denouce injustices such as gender inequality, racial discriminations and ageism. Even though their revenue might not increase straight after these ads release, they know the controversy makes people be on their side and purchase their products, thinking the brand really takes the right position on social issues. In the exemple with Kaepernick, the shares dropped 3% the day after the release of their ad, then their sales jumped of 25% within the next days. This shows most people support brands that are so-called against social injustices, and the more they show it, the more they make money.


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