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Speech immigration

Discours : Speech immigration. Recherche parmi 257 000+ dissertations

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Speech immigration

Today, I would like to raise the issue of immigration. Immigration is a sensitive subject, even taboo. We are a land of immigration. It creates tension, but we have to face it. With global warming and the resulting natural disasters, the number of immigrants will increase dramatically. Therefore, restrictive measures won’t change anything. So immigration has been at the heart of political debates and has divided the political class for several years. Migration policy is complex because it must combine security and attractiveness, two contradictory objectives at first sight.

For me, the question is not whether immigration should be reduced, maintained or increased in France but what is the most effective way to support the natural phenomenon of immigration. Let us not be naive, to introduce the free movement of people or, on the contrary, to introduce “zero immigration” and abolish the right to land are unrealistic ideas. Moreover, contrary to what some political parties say, no, France is not invaded. Of course, visa applications are increasing, but refusals are increasing at the same time. We can see a clear difference between the reality of migration flows and the perception of migration by the French population. Then, immigration is no longer considered as a wealth but a problem to be solved and that is what fuels the anti-immigration sentiment and fear of immigration. Yes, France cannot accommodate everyone if it wants to welcome well.  But We must give asylum to those in need of our protection as soon as possible". Next, "integrate those who have the right of asylum much more effectively: more French classes, a stronger employment policy". " And then we have to bring back much more effectively people who are not destined to stay in the country because they entered there illegally.

I believe very deeply that the answer to the question of migration is not in withdrawal but in the construction of a real and effective solution and cooperation. I am convinced that we can do this together, united, without throwing ourselves desperately into the arms of nationalists which will solve nothing.


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