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The right to be forgotten

Dissertation : The right to be forgotten. Recherche parmi 242 000+ dissertations

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The Right to Be Forgotten


  The right to be forgotten known also as the "right to erasure" is the rule that gives EU citizens the power to demand Google remove search results about them. In the case of search engines, Europeans have had the right to request links to pages containing sensitive personal information; outdated or embarrassing information about them be removed since 2014. The idea is to hide sensitive information such as the fact a person once committed criminal convictions or had extra-marital affair if the details are judged inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant or excessive. In general, individuals can demand removing information that may cause them to be stigmatized because of a specific action made in the past.

The right to be forgotten is granted by the European Court of Justice for individuals; under certain conditions. It is only applicable within the EU, and will not apply to its or other global domains. It means that Google only needs to remove links from its search results in Europe and not elsewhere; after receiving an appropriate request. Argentina also put this right into practice since 2006.

  The collect of several categories of personal data has various purposes. However, there are many personal information that must be removed from search results. Especially in Morocco, we are living in conservative society, which means that we do not have the right to do anything, and show it to people. As humans, we can commit massive mistakes and regret about them thereafter. Therefore, we do not like anymore to talk or discuss this kind of event. For instance, in our society we have often heard people commit suicide because of the mistakes they made in their lives. These faults that have been published in social networks or in websites, case that makes them ashamed of their selves and pushes them to end their lives. In addition, there are people who have been attributed actions that have no hand in them and remain attached to their names for life, straining their whole lives and influencing people close to them. Otherwise, the fact that our life changes across the time make our priorities changes also. Therefore, what we see normal and evident 10 years ago for example could not be normal today. As a result, depending on our actual life, we can choose to remove or maintain certain memories that can embarrass us.

According to the principles of Moroccan society and especially for the ease of the citizens, this type of rights seems necessary and very benefic in term of protection of personal information of individuals. It also allows giving them another chance to correct or surpass the errors and the regrets of the past instead of facing them every day for life and staying under their pressure. It is a right than we should apply while putting certain conditions.




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