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Cerveau et son potentiel (document en anglais)

Cours : Cerveau et son potentiel (document en anglais). Recherche parmi 257 000+ dissertations

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This videos talks about the brain and its potential. In america, two third of people think that we only

use ten percents of our brain on a daily basis but it's a mistake. We use all part of our complicated

brain. There aren't areas don't use or hidden gifts because each bits of this complex is higly

specialized. The speaker shows differents origins of this myth.

It may started with a misquote of past study. This study consist in accelarating the

intelligence of a child. The results of this raising is the child have an IQ of 250 and the scientist said

''people only meet a fraction of their full mental potential''. The problem may begin with a wrong

understanding of that but the speaker translate that to we don't challenge ourselves enough mentally.

This myth can be appered with early neurological researches because they prove that some

bits don't change anything on our behaviour if they removed. But the speaker explain that areas

have very high specialized functions in recognition. He adds that the brain can rearrange parts of

itself if there are damages.

At the end we can see that this myth is revoked today with our technologies that show us

what the whole brain is up to and all bits, cells, have an activity more or less significant. The

speaker list others clues to say this myth is wrong as the energy use by the brain, degeneration of

cells and autopsies of humand brains.

At the end of video, the speaker agree that we don't meet our mental potential but we use all

bits of our brain.


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