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Doit-on racheter une entreprise qui a connu de nombreuses difficultés mais qui présente néanmoins des avantages potentiels? (document en anglais)

Note de Recherches : Doit-on racheter une entreprise qui a connu de nombreuses difficultés mais qui présente néanmoins des avantages potentiels? (document en anglais). Recherche parmi 259 000+ dissertations

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Last week we were meeting to discuss the purchase of Rowlands and Baxter. On the end of this meeting we couldn’t find any decision. Indeed this firm has a financial problem, that is the reason for which we were reluctant. So, the question is: Should we buy a company that has had many difficulties but nevertheless present potential advantages?

But despite the mistakes that were made, the company does have some positive points that can help overcome problems.

At the previous meeting, we saw that the company Rowlands & Baxter has many disadvantages and this influenced our decision on the purchase of the firm. then, precisely, I will now develop these disadvantages:

First, about the finances: the company is in trouble, she has a bad financial situation, which means that it necessarily borrows all the time.

For the next : organization : poor management has also led to a bankrupt insured. In addition to a management policy which is to flop, the company has a bad reputation and a bad name in the business, and that on several points: delivery times are not respected, there are many complaints from wholesalers and other customers.

And finally, for the marketing side, the company has very weak sales forces. Which means Rowlands & Baxter won’t happen to have a suitable turnover to enable to survive and have new customers.

So what’s the interest of taking up a firm that is weak financially and commercially ?

To answer this question, my collègue here will the expose the benefits of the buyout of Rowlands & Baxter.

The financial situation can be changed as said Marketing Manager the problem is entirely because of bad management. And if we would acquire the control of this firm we could change the manager, and finally we can handle a problem and improve the financial situation.

This is why we purchase shares to take control of Board of Directors, the advantage is that it’s a public limited company and we can buy shares freely on the stock exchange. Indeed the competition can be tough and difficult but our company can cope with multiple competitors.

Moreover, as Marketing Manager added, Rowlands & Baxter manufactures some quality products but their bad reputation blocks sales, for that matter our company has a good reputation and effectively it would be interesting to use our name for these products.

Also we mustn’t forget what has been said before : by purchasing this business we acquire fixed assets which in future will allow better growth of our business.

Thus, we made the decision to purchase the business Rowlands & Baxter for various reasons which we can bring many benefits:

- The acquisition of Rowlands & Baxter allows us to diversify our production which means we will have more variety in our products.

- This will help us gain more market share. And also, having a new name in the industry, we will point out very quickly and will soon be launched in the concurrence.

- This is a springboard to expand and develop our image and réputation, to gain a new reputation in the community. The development of our image will help us retain


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