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The Love Of Jesus

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In the life of Jesus Christ, we see a living example of the fruit of the Spirit. Jesus modeled love, but He did so in a way that challenges our culture’s understanding of love. In this passage Jesus shows that love is more than romance or a feeling. Fundamentally, love is an action. Jesus demonstrates His love for the disciples by moving straight to where they are least attractive—their feet. We tend to avoid loving less attractive people. We like to love beautiful people so that we can feel better about ourselves. Jesus shows His love by the fact that He served us despite not needing anything from us. He loved us because He had a vision for what we could be without sin.

Falling in love with Jesus is not something you set out to do, especially when you first start giving him some of your time. Falling in love with Jesus is a process brought on by you choosing to serve God through the good, bad, ups and downs, smiles and frowns. Most people begin to seek God because of something that's going on in their life that they can not handle at which time they have tried everything and

God happens to be the last result. The bible tells us that we will have tribulation but through him we are overcomers. Meaning that whether you serve him or not, you will experience trials and tribulations, so why not serve him regardless of the situation because he is still and always will be in control. Things happen that we just don't understand, but if we just fall in love with Jesus because of what he has already done, dying on the crosss, and not for what we need him to do. Salvation would last if we just fell in love with Jesus and not with the benefits he can give us. If everyone would just fall in love with Jesus and not the things that he is able to supply or do, then we would not have as many back sliders.

If you are guilty of loving Jesus for the things and not for the thing he did, ask him to forgive you and teach you how to fall in love with him, just for him.


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