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Étude De Marché: le Cidre (document en Anglais)

Note de Recherches : Étude De Marché: le Cidre (document en Anglais). Recherche parmi 257 000+ dissertations

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1/ Offer analysis:

A/ Market trends

Thanks to cider market research, we can gather the main fact and information about the French market.

 Cider production is dropping: After a good 2010 year, production of cider marketed has dropped again in 2011 (less 3% of cider volume). This evolution can be explained by the demand apathy on the market. In addition, the unfavorable summer climatic conditions in 2010 have led to this result, especially in the main cider growing area. This bad result show the important difficulties met by the profession for many years, because of the market maturity.

Evolution of cider production (volume):

 Cider sales are on the decline: the volumes sells in superstore dropped under the symbolic mark of 60 millions of liters exhausted. In 2010, 57,4 millions of cider liters have been sold in superstore (hypermarket, supermarket and hard discount store), producing a turnover of 111,8 millions euros in this retail outlets.

 Cider prices are rising: the rising of production cost (up 45% since 2000) reflected on consumers with higher prices. Cider and fruit wines prices have increased by 22,9% between 2000 and 2001.

After many unsuccessful modernization attempts, (flavored cider, metallic packaging…), the national and regional ciders companies have revived with their origins in banking on traditional values: regional or bio ciders have grown in number in order to reach news consumers. The sales of bio cider in superstore have increased but stay still limited. Indeed, the quantity of specific apples necessary for bio cider production is not adequate in France for the moment. More recently, new attempts of offer diversification with products more moderns have been launched in order to build up a younger clientele and create new ways of consumption, especially in festive place (cafés, hotels, bars, restaurants). For example, the “autumn cider” launched since October 2009, an operation extended next years. Furthermore, the cider making companies have launched many advertising campaign to promote the product among potential consumers.

B/ Competition :

French cider market is a very competitive and concentrated market. With Agrial leadership on superstore sales, the main competitors target specific market segment: development of consumption in cafés hotels restaurants (CHR), production of handcrafted cider, or cider of farm production.

We can identify main competitors:

 Les Celliers associés :

Les Celliers associés is a cooperative created in 1953 by 12 apple producers from Pleudihen-sur-Rance(22). Today, the company is number two on the cider market in France, with 12% of market share. However, Les Celliers associés is number one in the CHR market (cafés hotels restaurants), especially in creperies restaurants. The company’s turnover is 14.5 millions euros. Les Celliers associés has sold 9 millions of cider bottles in 2010. The company has innovated in april 2011 with two new products: a white and rosé cider designed to aperitif market.

- Positioning on the market: the company principally specializes in CHR market with traditional products. But on the public market, Les Celliers associés try to modernize its image with innovating products.

- Les Celliers associés’ main products :

Superstore brands : Henriot and La Mère Poulard

CHR brands : Mam’Goudig, Val de Rance

Products: especially traditional sweet and dry cider. The company produces also bio cider. Les Celliers associés has recently launched two references of cider on the aperitif market.

 Cidre le Brun :

Created in 1955 in Plovan (29), Cidre Le Brun is the french leader on the upscale cider market. Cidre Le Brun is the second company on the superstore market, with less than 5% of market share. Cidre Le Brun sells also its cider in CHR, especially creperies. Cidre le Brun’s turnover is 3.1 million euros.

- Positioning on the market: the company specializes in traditional and high quality product.

- Cidre Le Brun’s main products :

Superstore brand : Le Brun

CHR brands : Breizh, Fest Noz, and Ville d’Ys.

 Mayeaert :

Maeyaert was founded in 1955 in Milly-sur-Thérain (60).At the beginning, Mayeaert was specialized in cider, but the


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